Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Italian's Captive Virgin by India Grey

Title: The Italian's Captive Virgin
Author: India Grey
Line: Mills and Boon Modern Romance
Release Month: January 2008
The S- Factor: Sensuous
Back Blurb:
Italian tycoon Angelo Emiliani knows Anna Delafield is playing games: he wants to buy her French château, but it seems she’ll do anything to stop him. So he decides to teach her a lesson! Anna will be his VIP captive for a few days on his yacht. Hopefully, that should show her he’s not a man to be toyed with…

But as cabin fever sets in, passions erupt, and Anna quickly realises the price of stopping Angelo has just got higher. Now there’s more at stake than just saving the château… Anna’s at risk of losing her virginity and more…!

India Grey's second steamy Modern Romance, The Italian's Captive Virgin, is absolutely brilliant! Intense, emotional, passionate and wonderfully romantic, The Italian's Captive Virgin is the kind of book you will devour in a single sitting!

Anna Delafield is determined that property devloper Angelo Emiliani will not get his hands on her beloved Chaetau Belle-Eden. Anna vows that she will not let some cold hearted industrialist desecrate her childhood home and destroy a place that is full of wonderful memories for her. But Angelo never allows anything to stand in his way. However, he hasn't counted on Anna...

Sexy, vivacious and truly unique, Anna is nothing like the women he usually dates. But Angelo is strictly a one-night stand kind of guy. However, it looks like Anna may change his mind.

But both Angelo and Anna have secrets. Secrets that could destroy any chance of a possible future together...

India Grey is absolutely sensational! In The Italian's Captive Virgin, readers will adore Angelo, a gorgeous Alpha male who'll make scores of women melt in a puddle of lust; whilst they will love Anna for her strength, her resilience, but also her vulnerabilty.

The Italian's Captive Virgin is a wonderfully passionate romantic tale about two wounded souls coming together, which will delight and enchant fans of Modern Romance everywhere!

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