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Line: Mills and Boon Modern and Harlequin Presents

Release month North America: August 2008; UK/Australia: May 2008

The S-Factor: Simmering & Very Sensual

He'll take his revenge. He'll be ruthless. He'll make her ready for the taking!
Dark, devilish, rich and ruthless, Paolo Caretti isn’t ashamed of his roots. But he’s ashamed that he once loved a woman who thought she was better than him. Now Isabelle needs him, and Paolo has a thirst for revenge…
She’ll be his bride. She’ll do his bidding. She’ll be happy in his bed!Princess Isabelle de Luceran – she knows she hurt Paolo and it broke her heart. She also knows his help has a price. And when he discovers the true depth of her deceit she’ll be destroyed by his vengeance…
They’ll make vows. They’ll make love. They’ll find love springs from hate!

Review: ♥♥♥♥♥

Yet again, Jennie Lucas delivers a wonderful story full of passion, anger, secrets, pride…..just a very enjoyable and moving love story set in the Mediterranean and surrounded by castles, villas, lush country side and the sea.

Princess Isabelle de Luceran is bound by duty and honor to her Country and her family. Even though her heart was ripped apart years ago when she left the only man she’d ever loved. Isabelle had refused his proposal and in the end let her sister talk her into giving up the baby she had conceived with Paolo, making him heir to the throne. It’s not bad enough that her sister and her husband recently died in an acccident……now their 9 year old son has been kidnapped. She can only trust one man to do the job and that’s her past and only lover Paola Caretti. So she returns to the US and begs him to come home with her to save her nephew, which of course he does but with a price.

Paulo Caretti is ruthless, handsome, and rich and wants Isabelle. Years ago he loved her and proposed marriage and in the end, she refused and returned to her country. Now Paolo can seek revenge and his plan is for Isabelle to become his mistress, get her pregnant and marry her at all costs. Paolo accepts his passion for her but vows never to be caught up in love again. Love hurts and Paolo knows this first hand……from his ruthless father, from the mother who abandoned him and from the only woman he ever love who walked out on him!

What neither of them counts on is their powerful attraction, lust and the passion which goes up in flames when they are together. What they also don’t count on is that they can’t leave each other alone so the affair continues and they are splashed all over media which doesn’t sit well with Isabelle’s family and country.

There is so much anguish, hurt and at times it broke my heart. Their passion will take your breath away and in the end when they resolve their past, secrets and the issues facing them are resolved, you’ll stand up and cheer! Caretti’s Forced Bride is one book you won’t want to miss and I’m hopeful that Jennie will continue on with a series as all of the characters were wonderful, each with a story of their own, I’m sure!

Hero Hotness Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Heroine Lovability Factor♥♥♥♥
Awww Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Stickability Factor ♥♥♥♥♥
Humour Factor
Weepy Factor♥♥♥♥

About the Book - From Jennie’s Website:

Like most girls, I dreamed of being a princess. I was seven years old when my mother woke me up to see Princess Diana’s fairy-tale wedding televised from half the world away. Now I see my own young daughter prancing around the house in fancy dresses and tiaras.

But being a princess isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be, is it? A life can feel so different on the inside than it might look on the outside. You only have to look at Grace Kelly or Princess Diana to realize that.

In Caretti’s Forced Bride, Isabelle is beloved and worshipped as the most beautiful princess in the whole world. She is fashionable, beautiful, adored. Surrounded by paparazzi. But in spite of that, she’s very lonely. She’s lost nearly everyone she loves. And she carries the heavy weight of a secret.

Is it possible to be a princess trapped in a castle—but still be happy? Maybe if you have the right prince…

Reviewed by: Marilyn

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