Thursday, June 19, 2008


Title: Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife
Author: Michelle Styles
Line: Mills and Boon Historical Romance
Release month: June 2008

The S-Factor: Simmering


The warrior’s conquest

With the war drums echoing in her ears, and the sharp northern light glinting off the sharpened swords, Sela stood with trepidation on the shoreline. The dragon ships full of warriors had come, ready for battle and glory.

But it wasn’t the threat of conquest that shook Sela to the core. It was the way her heart responded to the proud face and chiselled body of Vikar Hrutson, jaarl, leader of the invading force – and Sela’s ex-husband!


From Michelle Styles’ terrific pen comes a passionate, romantic, exciting and fast-paced historical romance which will leave you breathless: Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife.

Four years ago, Sela had walked out on her husband, even though she was carrying his child – a child he knows nothing about till this very day. Having returned home to her father, Bose the Dark, Sela had hoped to start afresh and to put her husband behind her. But every time she looks into her son’s eyes, she finds herself reliving the passion which she had found in her husband’s arms.

But Sela has got more on her mind than her former husband. Her father is at death’s door and dragon ships full of enemy warriors are approaching her home – and leading them is her former husband Vikar!

Vikar is still as handsome as ever and when he spots his former wife, he has only one thing on his mind – seduction!

Whether she’s writing about Vikings, Gladiators or Victorians, Michelle Styles has an uncanny ability of making each and every historical period her own! In her latest historical, she has once again delivered a full-bodied engrossing tale readers will just not be able to put down.

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