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Line: Mills and Boon Modern Heat

Release month UK: May 2008 Australia/NZ: July 2008

The S-Factor: Sizzling and Sensual


Revenge is best served red-hot, passionate and delicious!

Heiress Ashling Fitzgerald has come home, determined to prove that she’s changed. Secretly she wants to make amends – with the tall, dark housekeeper’s son she left behind. But he’s not the boy she once knew – Gabriel Burke is now an infamous billionaire playboy!

Gabe thinks Ashling is spoilt and selfish – but still oh-so-sexy. He doesn’t want her apologies. Instead he wants her in his bed; he wants revenge…

But, once he gets it, Gabe can’t believe he is still so hungry for more…

Review: ♥♥♥♥♥

Trish Wylie has written one dynamic, remarkable and extremely romantic love story in Claimed by the Billionaire Bad Boy. Bad boy doesn’t even begin to describe Gabe, the one time Fitzgerald family housekeeper’s son now self made billionaire. Since Gabe can remember he’s always looked out for the Fitzgerald’s daughter and she drove him nuts with her shenanigans, her loveliness and then she went away. Now Ash is returning home and will probably mess up his life.

The Fitzgerald family are one of the wealthiest and respected families in Dublin. In His Mistress, His Terms you met Alex Fitzgerald (Ash’s brother) and Merrow. They appear in this story as well. Alex has designed an art studio for his sister and has hired his accomplished and wealthy long time friend Gabe to build it, knowing there will be complications when Ash and Gabe see each other. There was agitation and tension between the two when Ash left for France; a tension no one understood or what had caused the riff between the two. The reader will learn what just one kiss and oh what a kiss and the passion that resulted from it rocked both of their worlds. It’s revealed how Ash hurt Gabe publically by announcing he “was the housekeeper’s son”, how it stung and how that kiss was something Ash didn’t know how to deal with……all a major problem. When she returns will revenge be on Gabe’s mind? Will they be able to work together? Will they tell each other what’s gone on over the years they’ve been separated?

Ashling Fitzgerald is one lovely, talented and spirited woman and deep down wants people to know she’s changed and grown. When she sees Gabe she secretly knows she’s in trouble because the attraction and pull are still there and when she finally comes to act on that attraction I promise your heart will dissolve as did this reader’s. Their chemistry absolutely sizzles off the page. But it’s more than that; it’s how they keep their relationship a secret, how they hide their true feelings and emotions; it was hard to read.

Their story, seeing how the exchange of “cruel” words can hurt and wound just reminds one of a very important lesson “think before speaking”. However, for Ash and Gabe, working through it all and finally admitting it to themselves and each other was amazing and simply wonderful to read. More important was for Ashling finally feeling she belonged. It was the ultimate gift Gabe gave her and thanks to Trish Wylie, for the lessons to be reminded the reader of…….not to keep secrets, judging others by position or economic status, and how verbal cruelty can wound the heart and soul. It’s a story of trust, acceptance and of coming home!

Hero Hotness Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Heroine Lovability Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Awww Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Stickability Factor ♥♥♥♥♥
Humour Factor♥♥
Weepy Factor♥♥

Tidbit about Trish’s alpha, Gabe:

“Gabe is quite simply Gabe. There will never be another hero like him for me. He's stubborn, pig headed, irritating, single minded... I could go on and on and on... But oh-my-is-he-sexy!!!” TW

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