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Line: Mills & Boon Modern Heat
Harlequin Presents

Release month UK: January 2009 USA:
April 2009

The S-Factor: Sensual


One week of red-hot passion…

Time is money to drop-dead gorgeous tycoon Matt Jacobs. But when he meets beautiful Ella Mackenzie at his best friend’s wedding, he decides to break his rule and make the most of his week off work – by spending it in bed with her!

One convenient proposal!

Strong-willed Ella doesn’t do sleepovers – but Matt’s incredible lovemaking has got her hooked! So when their secret week between the sheets comes to an end, Ella finds herself accepting the sort of indecent proposal she never thought
she’d consider…


The Secret Mistress Arrangement is Kimberly Lang’s debut contemporary and it’s magnificent. As a reader I’m always so excited to read a new author, especially a M&B or Presents author. Honestly, they never let me down and Kimberly is no exception. I’m also a true romantic at heart so when I began reading this book and it began with a wedding setting, I was overjoyed and not disappointed.

Mel and Ella are best friends and Ella wants to make Mel’s wedding the wedding of her dreams. They were college roommates and later roomed together in Chicago. She is very special to Ella as she has no family and Mel and her family have adopted Ella into their fold. Let’s just say Ella’s fond memories of family as such, relate to her grandparents who raised her.

Ella is petite, beautiful, feisty, bright, organized and is making plans after the wedding to move to Alabama to begin a new job, a new life and return to her Grands home. Quite honestly she has commitment issues and you will want to help her along because she is such a lovely woman who needs that extra “push”.

The groom and Matt have known each other forever and Matt is his best man. He has arrived late for the rehearsal dinner from Atlanta due to a late flight. This attorney is to die for; he’s handsome, he has an incredible body and well let’s just say is very very good at everything he does in and out of the bedroom. Matt’s goal is to make partner by his mid thirties and he’s a workaholic. He comes from a large and close family, is the youngest and even though he loves his family, would rather spend his time in Chicago with Ella.

Matt and Ella’s journey in finding love begins with a dance at their friends wedding and then Matt invites Ella to dinner and the chemistry between them is hot! They act upon their attraction and the next morning they make the decision to continue their affair in secret for a week. In return Matt will help Ella pack for her move and it will give him time to get to know this lovely woman. Their time together will take your breath away, not only their passion but their romantic journey, first as friends and then as lovers.

Matt and Ella’s goodbyes, well have some tissues ready for the farewell and for their future struggles. Kimberly Lang has crafted such a beautiful and romantic love story. I congratulate Kimberly on her debut book and look forward to reading many more.

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Reviewed by: Marilyn

Fun gossipy tidbit about author:

On the “Dear Reader” page of her book, Kimberly states she’s a hopeless romantic and loves to fall in love. That’s why she reads romance.

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