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Author: Kate Hewitt

Mills and Boon Modern /Harlequin Presents
Release month:
USA: February 2009 UK: September 2008

The S-Factor: Sizzling


Allegra Avesti never realized that her fiancĂ©, wickedly handsome tycoon Stefano Capozzi, saw her as just another item on his agenda. How could she share her life with a man who'd negotiated the terms of their marriage in the boardroom rather than the bedroom? Years later, Stefano needs Allegra—and is determined to claim his runaway bride.

The defiant Allegra will return to Italy with him—and if he has to seduce her into agreeing, then that will make it all the more pleasurable for him….

Allegra had it all, wealth, beauty and now she is about to marry Stefano Capozzi who’s handsome, successful and she adores him until she over hears a conversation in which she learns her marriage has been arranged. She’s been lied to by her parents and most of all by the man she loves. She’s determined not to go through with the marriage and with the help of her mother she flees from Italy, literally leaving her bridegroom at the altar and goes to England. With hard work and determination, Allegra studies and becomes a speech therapist that also utilizes art as a form of therapy and has become quite successful in working with children.

Stefano is a self made millionaire but like most men who came up the hard way needs social connections by marrying into a well connected family. However, what he doesn’t count on is being left at the altar. Now years later while meeting with a physician to obtain assistance for his friends son, he learns that Allegra might be his only hope in assisting with the therapy this small child so badly needs and in the end, helping him to return to a normal life.

This story will tug at your heart in three different ways. First of all Allegra’s flight from the man she loved, not only leaving her home but the scorn she endured from her parents and uncle and her mother’s betrayal. Then of course, when Stefano’s past is revealed, it will tear at your heart and you’ll understand why he holds back his feelings and at times, is ruthless. Last, the sweet little boy Lucio and how Allegra helps him to heal will have you in tears. The Italian’s Bought Bride has a few lessons to be learned; it’s about forgiveness, and about accepting the consequences for one’s actions.

Once again, Kate Hewitt pens a brilliant love story, full of passion and promise one you won’t want to miss.

Hero Hotness Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Heroine Lovability Factor♥♥♥♥♥
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Reviewed by: Marilyn

From Kate’s Website: “ I’d wanted to write a book where the hero and heroine have a shared history for awhile, and all the dimensions and dynamics a past relationship create. Yet Stefano and Allegra’s story took some time for me to discover; I’d almost written a completely different book until I realized just what they were trying to tell me about themselves!” K. Hewitt

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