Thursday, July 16, 2009


Author: Sharon Archer

Line: Medical Romance

Release Date: July 2009

The S- Factor Sweet

Back Blurb:

Needed: a mother for his son Caring vet Caitlin Butler-Brown has come to this small Australian town to find the family she’s never known – but she’ll never admit that her eagerness to stay has anything to do with gorgeous GP Matt Gardiner!

Whether she’s delivering foals or mothering abandoned puppies, Caitlin has well and truly captured the dedicated single dad’s heart – and has certainly put the smile back on his young son’s face. Caitlin longs to fulfil all their dreams and become part of their family permanently – but first she has a secret to reveal. A secret that could change everything…


Sharon Archer's debut romance for Medical is absolutely stunning! Warm-hearted, poignant and simply fantastic, Single Father: Wife and Mother Wanted heralds the start of an exciting career for an author many are sure to love!

Irish vet Caitlin Butler-Browne had come to the Australian village of Garringay to find the extended family she's never known. She's nervous, apprehensive and scared of rejection when she sets foot in the tiny Australian town, and falling in love is certainly not on the agenda. However, when she claps eyes on GP Matt Gardiner, she finds herself falling in love.

Matt doesn't believe in romance anymore. His wife had irrevocably shattered his heart when she had walked out on her marriage, and with a young son to look after and a demanding job, Matt's priorities do not include falling love - despite his foster mother's unwanted matchmaking attempts. Yet, there's something about Caitlin which draws him like a moth to a flame. He cannot stop thinking about her nor can he stop wanting to make her his...

But just when Matt thinks that he's finally found the woman who can heal his heart, he realizes that Caitlin has a secret which could threaten their new found happiness...

Single Father: Wife and Mother Wanted might only be Sharon Archer's first book, but she writes like a pro! Reading Single Father: Wife and Mother Wanted is like diving into happiness and this engaging story of love, hope, passion, second chances and family will keep you riveted from the first page till the last. Don't miss it!

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