Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Author: Margaret McDonagh

Line: Mills and Boon Medical Romance

Release Month: October 2009

The S-Factor: Sweet

Back Blurb:

Gorgeous but shy Ruth Baxter lost interest in relationships long ago – until a seductive encounter with one dangerously handsome Italian ...

He just happens to be Dr Rico Linardi, leading specialist and Ruth’s potential new boss! How can she even consider working in close proximity with a man who stirs desires she didn't know she had?

Rico knows the connection between them overwhelms Ruth, so he begins to break down her defences gently. After all, he is attracted to her beauty and her intelligence, and wants her as his lover – and his wife!


Margaret McDonagh sweeps us back to the beautiful Scottish town of Strathlochan with her latest mesmerizing Medical Romance: Italian Doctor, Dream Proposal.

GP Ruth Baxter has always been a shy bookworm. She's never happier than when she has her nose stuck in a book. But she's always extremely nervous whenever she has to strike up conversations! Her passion for knowledge has seen her through an awful childhood and an acrimonous relationship with a man who lost no time in telling her that despite the fact that she was an academic genius, as a girlfriend she was a complete and utter failure.

Luckily for Ruth, her busy job as a GP leaves her no time for a relationship - and she's perfectly happy about that! Recently, Ruth has been busy researching the immune system for one of her young patients. She has struck up a correspondence with the expert in the area - Dr Rico Linardi - and when he invites her over for a conference, Ruth is expecting a fusty old Professor - so she's shocked when she claps eyes on Rico for the very first time and realizes that the Italian doctor is the most gorgeous man she's ever seen!

Sparks immediately begin to fly between Rico and Ruth, however, Ruth is wary of acting upon her attraction. Men have always hurt and used her and she is not ready to go through all that pain again. But she hasn't counted upon Rico's determination to make her his...

Margaret McDonagh never fails to pen engrossing romances imbued with pathos, emotion and realism and Italian Doctor, Dream Proposal is another one of her enchanting and enthralling Medical Romances that will keep you reading all night long. Margaret McDonagh's ability to create richly drawn and believable characters and her talent for writing captivating romances make her one of category romance's most talented writers and I am already counting the days until the release of her next novel!

Hero Hotness Factor♥♥♥♥♥
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Awww Factor♥♥♥♥♥
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Weepy Factor♥♥♥♥♥

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