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Author: India Grey
Line: Mills and Boon Special Release/Harlequin PresentsRelease month: UK: August 2010 North America: October 2010
The S-Factor: Sensual

Back Blurb:

She ran away from her fairytale lifestyle when she’d discovered her father was a cheat and a liar. Now she’s struggling to make ends meet. When Prince Luis Cordoba sees Emily teaching underprivileged kids to dance, he instantly recognises a Balfour heiress. But Emily’s pride won’t make it easy for the prince to rescue her – especially when she’s uncomfortably attracted to him…

Review: ♥♥♥♥♥

Emily’s Innocence was a superbly written Cinderella story and a very teary one at that by the very talented India Grey. The fairy tale ending so unique if told would definitely ruin the reader’s experience.

Emily Balfour was looking forward to the Balfour Charity Ball and then an unbelievable thing happened, she’d was kissed in the gardens by the very handsome playboy Prince Luis Cordoba of Santosa. She had never in her life felt such burning desire and then he had embarrassed her by saying “call me when you grow up!” A lot had happened in her family, the loss of her mother, a sister they didn’t know about and her untimely arrival. It had all been too much; the emotions of it all cost her ballet career. And now months later and yet another scandal in her family which was revealed at the ball along with a picture of Luis in attendance. However, Emily’s had not been living at the manor, she’s disappeared after the first scandal and death of her mother. She was living in another city in a shabby rental and teaching ballet at a shabby youth center.

Life had also changed for Prince Luis, he had lost his bother and sister-in-law in a tragic accident and his father the King was gravely ill. The palace press were trying to change his playboy image and one of the things they had planned for him while he was in England was to visit different charities boosting his image. As fate would have it, they visited the very youth center where Emily taught to witness a ballet and to donate money. Imagine the shock for both Luis and Emily when they discovered each other. More of a shock to Luis was Emily’s appearance and her using the name Jones instead of Balfour. While attending the ballet he thought of his shy little orphaned niece and it pricked his conscience that he really didn’t know her and watching Emily with a shy little dancer moved something inside him. He was determined to find out why she was using another name so he demanded she have dinner with him at his hotel. He could see she was dead on her feet and wore clothing not fit for a Balfour. However, he did call her father and told him he’d found Emily and due to the Balfour scandal he’d take care of and talk to her.

Luis found out a couple of things about Emily, she was still suffering from the loss of her mother, the arrival of an unexpected sister and her outlook on the morals of her father. Plus the loss of her ballet career because she was so emotional. However, he also found out from her father that whatever Emily Balfour did she did it passionately with her whole heart and soul. Personally, I thought that statement was the key to who she was plus the fact she revealed to Luis that honor, trust and truth were important in a relationship. Luis understanding that Emily wasn’t ready to go home and was eager to get away from where she was living and working, offered her a job teaching his niece ballet and she could stay in the palace and in the end, she accepted.

The Prince was a wolf, always touching, taunting and it was driving her crazy plus she fell immediately in-love with his little niece Luciana. Of course, Luis had his father to worry about his secretary Tomas and his press secretary was driving him crazy trying to reinvent his image. And the paparazzi had a field day when he took Emily out to dinner or the ballet and Luis couldn’t seem to keep his hands off of her. Their relationship grew to a boiling point and became a very sensual and a passionate one, a most romantic one and Emily fell deeply for him. But the fact still remained; when his father passed away he would be King and would be expected to marry one of the women chosen for him. He knew he didn’t want to hurt Emily and that he would always care for her and he really tried to keep her at a distance. And then the worst thing happened, the King died and Emily’s heart was broken.

Emily’s Innocence was such a wonderful romantic love story with a charming and beautiful ending, giving this innocent young Emily Balfour her Prince Charming in a most spectacular way. India, the ending was amazing!

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