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CHOSEN BY THE SHEIKH - The Sheikh and the Virgin\Kept for the Sheikh's Pleasure- Kim Lawrence and Lynn Raye Harris

Author: Kim Lawrence and Lynn Raye Harris
Line: Harlequin Presents
Release month: UK/ USA: OCT 2010
The S-Factor: Sizzling and Steamy

Back Blurb:

The Sheikh and the Virgin by Kim Lawrence Prince

Tariq Al Kamal furiously forbids his brother to marry an unsuitable woman. Then Tariq whisks Beatrice away to his desert home where he becomes intent on seducing her. What he doesn't realize is she isn't his brother's intended—she's an innocent who's about to become his bride!

Kept for the Sheikh's Pleasure by Lynn Raye Harris

King Zafir bin Rashid al-Khalifa does not care for surprises. Especially ones that involve the reappearance of his ex, Dr. Genie Gray! Now Zafir has the power to make all the rules—and what he wants is a willing Genie in his bed….

Review: ♥♥♥♥♥

The Sheikh and the Virgin by Kim Lawrence was quite an interesting royal to read because Prince Tariq Al Kamal had an agenda which was to make sure his brother didn’t end of with a woman he disapprove of, a very unsuitable woman. However, what he didn’t know was that Beatrice Devlin had an agenda which was to make sure her friend and Tariq’s brother got their happy ending and in the end would get married.

Beatrice was a fabulous heroine, she was fierce and loyal to her friends Emma and Khalid and she appealed to Prince Tariq even though he fought it. And then he summoned his brother home and sent him off on an assignment which resulted in Khalid getting hurt and he fought for his life. Still Tariq was determined that Beatrice and Khalid not be together. He wanted to pay her off, but she wouldn’t have a thing to do with his offer.

Beatrice was an incredible heroine, she had spirit and beauty. She had also been alone most of her life and when Khalid was hurt she was torn if she should send for Emma. And then Tariq misunderstood her loyalty to Khalid and agreed that she loved his brother and they should marry. Talk about a mess because it was obvious that Tariq wanted Beatrice for himself. And then quite by mistake Tariq found out his brother loved Emma and they were married.

The chemistry between Tariq and Beatrice was sizzling and he wanted to make Beatrice forget his brother. However, he went about it in the wrong way, he made love to her and realized he loved her, this poor young woman who was so alone, had been alone with no family. Could he make a life with her, marry her? You’ll just have to read The Sheikh and the Virgin to find out the lesson Tariq and Beatrice learned and that was home was where they both were, together.

Kept for the Sheikh's Pleasure by Lynn Raye Harris was a most unusual and amazing sheikh romance. Immediately, I could imagine King Zafir on his Arabian horse or in his desert tent with the woman he once knew so intimately, Doctor Genie Gray. They very same woman who had been kidnapped, the same woman whose heart he had destroyed because of a secret.

Genie Gray couldn’t believe she was seeing Zafir again after all of the years of separation when she loved him in college until she found out he was promised to marry another woman. And then he asked the most unthinkable thing of her, to return home with him and to become his mistress. Even though she knew his culture was different, it didn’t help one bit and it destroyed her, she felt betrayed. Now she was forced to be in his company again and it was evident he wanted her back again, in his bed. What really hurt was that she after all of years between them desired him, possibly still loved him.

Zafir had lost so much, his brother, his father, his first wife and a divorce from his second wife. He was alone and now he was king. So much responsibility and first and foremost was his need to unite his country. He was shocked to see Genie Gray again after ten years, the one woman he believed understood him, the woman who refused him. She was in Bah’ shar on a dig and had been captured and presented to him as a gift. And still after all of these years, he wanted Genie in the most intimate way. And so he kept her in his tent and then took her to his palace.

Genie had learned at a very early age from her mother what loving a man could do, especially when that man wasn’t able to return that love. How was she going to resist Zahir because she knew if she gave in she would be hurt all over again and she suspected after being around him that she was still in love with him. However, leaving wasn’t an option because the sheikh who presented her as a gift would be offended and Zafir needed his sheikhs to all unite. So he offered Genie an incentive, a dig in the ruins of the old temples at Al-Shahar and she accepted.

Talk about a roller coaster of a reunion, one steeped in sensual tension, old memories, old hurts and they could keep their eyes or hands off of each other. And while reading this beautiful romance, I felt that I was in the desert and at the palace with Zafir and Genie. This romance was brilliantly written, very descriptive and very emotional.

Zafir knew it was wrong to keep her with him but she brought some normalcy into his life with all of upheaval going on around him. She made him remember how he used to be when he was a student studying architecture and made him feel not so alone in the world. As for Genie, it was shear torture because she still wanted and needed him even though he had hurt her so badly those years ago. However, she was keeping a secret as well, a secret which was revealed about her childhood and the reason why she had refused him all of those years ago.

Kept for the Sheikh's Pleasure was a beautiful second chance love story, yes hurtful at times to read because they both wanted each other more than life itself and for all of the pain and sorrow they both had to experience to get that chance. In the end, this desert lord moved heaven and earth to get his queen in the most unusual way, thanks to the extremely talented romantic story teller, Lynn Raye Harris.

Hero Hotness Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Heroine Lovability Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Awww Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Stickability Factor ♥♥♥♥
Weepy Factor♥♥♥
Reviewed by: Marilyn

Behind the book with author Lynn Raye Harris:

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