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Falling For the Frenchman by Claire Baxter

Title: Falling for the Frenchman

Claire Baxter

Silhouette Romance/Romance/Sweet

Release month:
North America/UK January 2007, Australia/NZ March 2007

The S-Factor: Sweet


Under summer skies...with the Frenchman of her dreams!

It's taken Beth a long time to get over Pierre Laroche, and now - just as she starts the fight of her life to stay in control of her beloved
Barossa Valley
winery - he's back. But this time it's business - the takeover business!

Beth knows she should hate Pierre - he has come, after all, to take away her winery - but glimpses of the man she loved ten years ago can still be seen under the cynical businessman...

As the sun sets on the beautiful Barossa Valley they begin a journey of discovery into the past...and as the sun rises they glimpse the future they could share...


The cover of Claire’s book says it all: this is a book about romance, about losing love and finding it again. It is about the dreamy, hazy feeling of love that can overwhelm, and the realities that suddenly bring the challenges of real life into sharp focus. Beth is a talented and intelligent woman, whose home and community are threatened by a takeover bid for her winery. Like her father before her she is a staunch supporter of the community and chooses ethics over profit. It is a shock to find that the man sent to review her management, and then recommend changes, is
Pierre, a love she thought she had left behind in France a decade ago.

Their connection, their love for each other, is still strong despite their years apart and Pierre soon sees that Claire has the vision and skill needed to grow the vineyard. Claire fights against her attraction to Pierre, he’s been married and is engaged a custody battle for his son with his ex-wife, but he’s still the only man who makes her feel passion and desire. Amongst the vines they begin to fall in love again, but can their love overcome the barriers between them?

I loved this book, what a fabulous story. Beth is gentle but determined, and she never forgets, or let’s those around her forget , her caring side.

Pierre’s return brings back all those feelings from 10 years ago, and there is no going back. Pierre is not only gorgeous, he’s perceptive too. He soon realises that Beth is no figurehead, she’s the real heart of the business. Slowly but surely, their love grows and they can’t deny the passion they still feel for each other. This book is a slow burn, the heat between them grows until it flames brightly, but Beth and Pierre could deny themselves everything for the sake of others.

This is Claire’s first book, and I am certainly looking forward to reading her next!! Read this book and you’ll find yourself Falling for the Frenchman too!!

Reviewed by: Cindy

Hero Hotness Factor = ♥♥♥♥♥

Heroine Lovability Factor =
Awww Factor = ♥♥♥♥♥
Stickability Factor =
Humour Factor =
Weepy Factor =

Did you know that Claire Baxter learned about Frenchmen while driving trucks (not the really big ones) in

France for a vehicle hire company? Visit her website to find out more...

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