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Release month North America/UK: June 2008

The S-Factor: Sensual and Sexy

Jake Rendel is a successful millionaire who works and plays hard—unlike Emma Delaney, who's stifled by her uninspiring job. So Jake makes Emma a proposition to shake off her prim-and-proper image: for a month, they'll pretend to have a steamy affair!Emma's out of her depth—and things quickly get passionate in private as well as in public. Soon the girl-next-door is wishing the month of mistress make-believe will never end….

Review: ♥♥♥♥♥

All of her life Emma Delaney had to live up to her father’s expectations, work…..achieve… the best and she’s not only become a workaholic, she has no social life and her co-workers look at her as a “buttoned-up” and uptight person.

Jake Rendel is someone from her past, a neighbour and his sister is Emma Delaney’s sister’s best friend. As a young girl she adored him and now he’s here at the hotel where she works and he’s going to be in charge of the renovation! He’s handsome, sexy, and full of charm and every woman on the property is drooling over this self made man and millionaire. Emma also remembers how Jake took care of his mother and family and also remembers the “crush” she had on Jake.

Upon seeing Emma and watching how her co-workers treat her Jake’s heart aches for her. He can still remember how harsh her father was with Emma and her sister, always pushing them to be the best and Jake felt her father never appreciated Emma and her achievements. In fact, he remembered back to one day when as a young girl he found her crying because her report card did not have perfect marks. And now, he finds he’s going to be working with her and observes how her female co-workers look at her so he decides he’s going to help her by pretending to be her lover. Can Jake provide a little fun in her life, get rid of her bad rep with her co-workers and help transform her, make her believe in herself?

His Mistress by Arrangement was a beautiful love story, it’ was the chase, their attraction for each other and how everything backfired for both of them. It touched me deeply as the book is actually a journey in self discovery for Emma and the realization of how she had put her dreams and hidden them from everyone especially those who meant the most to her, her family and all because they wanted her to be successful so they could brag. As for Jake, this incredible man wanted only the best for Emma, he wanted her to have those dreams, trying to teach her to take a risk and if she wasn’t the best, he would still love and support her. As for Emma, could she fight that fear and ask for what she wanted? You are going to want to read this wonderfully written love story by Natalie Anderson as it is so moving, emotional and the happy ending spectacular!

Hero Hotness Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Heroine Lovability Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Awww Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Stickability Factor ♥♥♥♥♥
Humour Factor♥♥
Weepy Factor♥♥♥

Reviewed by: Marilyn Shoemaker

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