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Line: Harlequin Presents: February 2009
M&B Modern Romance:
UK November 2008
AZ January 2009

The S-Factor: Sensual and Scorching


Saying ‘Oh, yes!’ to the millionaire…

When Celeste Prince discovers her beloved family business has been sold to millionaire Benton Scott, she’s determined to get it back. But gorgeous Benton sets her pulse racing, and her carefully laid plans lead her to just one place…his bed!

Benton makes it clear right from the start that he can’t offer more than a steamy affair. The passion is scorching – but Ben’s emotions are still in the deep freeze, and Celeste knows that only a dramatic collision course with his troubled past can thaw them…

Review: ♥♥♥♥♥

Author Robyn Grady has written an extremely, emotional and moving romance set in beautiful Australia. It’s about resolving past and moving forward, and accepting love.

As long as Celeste can remember and since her mother’s death, she is determined when her father retires that she has earned the right to head up the family landscaping business which was created by her parents. After her mother’s passing she felt the distance between she and her father. She was sent away to boarding school and could only count on her friend Brooke. Celeste has her own business but has dreams of expanding Prince Landscaping. So on the eve of announcing the new Chairman, Celeste is on pins and needles. Her father literally destroys her dreams by announcing a new CEO and owner by the name of Benton Scott. He also announces he is to become a new father and will be getting married.

Celeste is devastated and begs Ben to let her prove herself. She is so upset that Ben steps in and takes her on a picnic to take her mind off of everything. Her beauty, spirit and determination attract Ben so on that very day their relationship begins and they continue seeing each other but on his terms………having fun while it lasts with no commitment.

Their shared passion will absolutely leap off of the pages because you can see they are personally made for each other. But for Ben, because of his childhood and growing up in foster care, he won’t believe in “happily ever after” or permanence. His struggle with his past, eventually finding his father and learning why he left will pull at your heart. Celeste also reveals to Ben about her growing up years, the relationship between her parents and the effects it all played in her life, be prepared for tears.

Even though they physically enjoy their passion, the relationship becomes complicated. For Celeste these issues bring up questions for her as she looks back on her own parent’s marriage and realizes she needs more and decides to end the their relationship to save her heart from further breaking. In the end, Ben realizes that he has to work for what he wants the most, which of course is Celeste and he doesn’t need perfection. This couple were just meant to be and get their happy ending!

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Reviewed by: Marilyn

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