Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Author: Melanie Milburne

Line: Mills and Boon/Presents

Release: January 2009

The S Factor: Sexy
Front Blurb:

His eyes came back to hers, his inherent cynicism glittering like black diamonds.

‘I can only assume my father thought by forcing me to marry his little nursemaid it might have some sort of reforming effect on me,’ he said. ‘What do you think, Miss March? Do your skills extend to taming decadent playboys?’

One thing you have to understand about Rafael, he has no time for emotionally needy women. They’re too much hard work.
But for once in his life, he found himself not in command. His life had always been simple, no ties, no false promises and no love. But Emma had pierced his firewall.
Poor Rafael, suddenly realised that Emma’s innocence, her integrity, had completely turned his life upside down. His utter certainty that Emma was far too sweet for him and his realisation that he did want to be loved and for that love to last.
You will love this book, Melanie has written a beautiful, thought provoking, passionate love story of 2 people striving to be happy and to fulfil a dream of the happy ever after.

Their journey to find that ultimate love won’t disappoint. It’s lovely.
Thanks Melanie.

Back Blurb:

Rafael Fiorenza is furious. To get his inheritance he has to marry… his estranged father’s mistress!

Emma March was only doing her job, caring for the late Valentino Fiorenza. She expected no mention in his will, let alone a stipulation to marry his son! But, financially, she’s desperate…

Rafael will treat Emma like the money-grabbing harlot he thinks she is. He’ll wed her, bed her and destroy her. But then he discovers his new wife is a virgin! He’s forced an innocent woman up the aisle…
Location: Lake Como, Italy
Hero Hotness Factor: XXXX
Heroine Lovability Factor: XXX
Aww Factor: XXX
Stickability Factor: XXXX
Humour Factor: XXX
Weepy Factor: X
Reviewed by: Karen

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