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Release month USA/UK: February 2009

The S-Factor: Sensual and Sexy


A multimillion-dollar family dynasty was hard to walk away from. And that's what Dominic Hardcastle intended to do. Until he met his father's employee Bella Andrews. She was intriguing and sexy beyond reason… and out to ruin his estranged, ruthless father. So Dominic offered to keep her secret if she'd keep him company…after hours.

Everything about Dominic set off alarms in Bella's head. For he had the power to destroy her plans. Maybe some intense overtime with Mr. Tall, Dark and Dangerous was needed. Suddenly her scheme didn't seem so simple…or her heart so safe.…

Review: ♥♥♥♥♥

Millionaire’s Secret Seduction is the first book in author Jennifer Lewis’s The Hardcastle Progeny. One learns that the ruthless millionaire Tarrant Hardcastle is dying and has found one of his illegitimate children, Dominic DiBari. The same son he denied he fathered and now recognizes and wants to head up his corporation. Tarrant has a reputation being a womanizer and for only hiring “beautiful people”. Now he’s determined that his long lost son will take over the helm.

Dominic is an incredibly handsome and self made millionaire coming up the hard way, with hard work and shear determination and owns a chain of food stores very similar to Trader Joes (more than a grocery store with its shelves stocked also with exotic foods and items). He is also more than just a handsome man; he’s a man of honour but struggles with his feelings for his newfound father.

Bella Andrews is the head chemist at Hardcastle Enterprises and she’s on a mission to prove that Tarrant Hardcastle stole her father’s formulas and she’s going to expose and sue him. She is also an honour bound woman with a deep feeling for her mother who has been destroyed not only by the loss of her husband but also agonizes over loosing her home and feels Hardcastle is responsible. Bella’s mother wants to get back what she feels is rightfully theirs and is counting on Bella to prove they were cheated.

When Dominic explores his father’s company he bumps into the natural beauty, Bella and appreciates her looks, intelligence and sass. So much so, he’s determined to get to know her professionally and physically. However, he also realizes she has something to hide when he catches her going through Hardcastle files.

As the story unfolds, Bella tells Dominic about her father and her plans and he promises to give her sometime but he wants to make a deal. What will the deal cost each of them? He follows her and keeps an eye on her at every turn and in the end reveals to his father Bella’s plan. However, keeping his hands off of her is a problem and there is a scene in a copy room you won’t want to miss.

This is not just another sizzling love story, it’s about honour, family, values, trust and forgiveness. The story takes place in the cosmetic and fashion industry and is set in New York. Dominic and Bella’s journey is full of passion, is explosive, very powerful and was beautiful to read. This three book series is going to be wonderful and The Millionaire’s Secret Seduction just wet my appetite. In March, the second book will be released, In the Argentine’s Bed and in April The Heir’s Scandalous Affair.

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Reviewed by: Marilyn

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