Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Author: Trish Morey

Line: UK: Mills & Boon Modern Romance -
April 2009
AUS: Harlequin Mills & Boon Sexy - May 2009
North America: Harlequin Presents -
April 2009

The S-Factor:

Sienna Wainwright has one passionate night with international financier Rafe Lombardi before he unceremoniously casts her out of his bed. Sienna hopes never to see his seductively arrogant face again, but six weeks later their world changes—forever….

Rafe is no longer just a billionaire, but is revealed as the prince of Montvelatte. What's more, Sienna is pregnant—with his twins! What choice does she have now? Rafe is determined to claim his heirs and take Sienna as his royal wife!


Rafe is one handsome and rich prince who was determined to have the lovely Sienna at any cost. After one night of passion he is called home and doesn’t explain the situation to Sienna which hurts her deeply. Now months later she arrives on his island in her company’s helicopter bringing a prospective bride. Rafe recognizes Sienna immediately and insists she stay literally holding her captive.

Sienna is doomed; she is so attracted to Rafe it’s not funny and on top of everything she carrying his twin babies. He is now making sure she doesn’t leave his island and insists they will marry as she is carrying the heirs he and his country so desire. Can she endure being held captive on this island and marry him when he doesn’t love her?

What I loved about Forced Wife, Royal Love-Child were many things; 1) they both came up the hard way he the illegitimate son of the crown prince and she was raised by a single mother; now she has her dream job as a helicopter pilot. 2) the legend of the Island of Monvelatte and it’s beauty 3) her strength to stand up to him 4) his arrogance and when she was faced with danger how he came to realize there were more important things than avoiding love 5) their shared passion, it was just plain spectacular

Again Trish Morey has written a beautiful and powerful love story and I’m hoping one of her future books will feature Rafe’s friend Sebastino or his sister Marietta.

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Reviewed by: Marilyn Shoemaker

Tidbit about author:

It’s been on Borders Group/WaldenBook list now for two weeks.

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