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Mistress to the Merciless Millionaire - Abby Green

Author: Abby Green

Mills and Boon / Harlequin Presents

Release month UK: October 2009/North America:
September 2009

The S-Factor: Sizzling and Steamy


It's been ten years since Tiarnan Quinn humiliatingly rejected Kate, and she's still smarting. As a famous model she can have any man she wants. But there's something about the cold hearted millionaire that makes her go weak at the knees. So much so she agrees to jet off to his luxury villa in Martinique.

Kate knows Tiarnan can't give her what she wants: true love and a family. But as the sultry nights close in she begins to see hints of a different man beneath the hard exterior….

Review: ♥♥♥♥♥

Awareness, passion, conflict are what author Abby Green does best and Mistress to the Merciless Millionaire is no exception. Earlier in the year in “Brought for the Frenchman's Pleasure" readers met Sorcha Murphy who was Tiarnan’s sister and Kate’s best friend. This reviewer has long been awaiting Tiarnan and Kate’s story.

Tiarnan is a handsome and ruthless man and one alpha who doesn’t miss a thing. During a christening of his sister’s baby in which he and Kate are godparents, he becomes distinctly aware of the power he has over her and literally sees into her soul. Because ten years earlier after realizing what a lovely young woman she had grown into, they shared a kiss, a kiss neither of them have forgotten, especially Kate. And now weeks later he still remembers what passed between them and now he’s attending an auction where Kate is up for bid for a kiss. He wins in more ways than one but for Kate she’s in turmoil because he still means the world to her.

Kate flees the auction and Tiarnan catches up and brings up their past and how he realizes their passion for each other is NOT over! She remembers his long ago rejection and is humiliated but he keeps reminiscing about their past and discusses with her how due to their mutual desire, he would like to spend time with her. However, Kate also is aware that he goes from one woman to another, in fact he’s been married and divorced and has a lovely little girl Rosie. She doesn’t want to be a notch on his bedpost to satisfy his curiosity of what might have been. However, this very determined alpha has other plans for Kate. He’s sure that once they become lovers an eventually end the affair, it will be the last he’ll think of this beautiful woman, the same woman who has haunted him for years.

As for the women in his life, he keeps them at arms length. He’s also concerned because of his daughter as to what lengths women would go to win him over. His past with his ex-wife and parents have somewhat shaped his ideas about marriage so he’s not into a permanent relationship. For Kate, all she wants eventually is to be loved and have a home full of children and love.

Second chances? It’s a lovely romantic love story set is some of the most beautiful parts of the world. San Francisco, New York, the Caribbean and Spain where Tiarnan and Rosie live and where Kate has just finished modelling. He uses his daughter to get Kate to visit and when his nanny has to leave because of an emergency and he has a business trip, Kate volunteers to stay with the sweet little girl. Upon his return he invites to accompany he and Rosie to his Caribbean home for a holiday.

Can she take this holiday with the man of her dreams? Can she survive an affair? Kate decides to go for that reason but on her terms and she’ll walk away at the end of their holiday. What she doesn’t count on as how much she enjoys her time spent with both of them.

Just prepare yourself for tears as you watch their romance blossom and sizzle; the interaction between Kate and Rosie and Rosie’s Caribbean extended family and friends. On top of everything else the conflict between Kate and Tiarnan and his mistrust of her when he sends her home because he feels Kate has used Rosie to get to him. I think what I personally enjoyed the most was reading about Tiarnan coming to terms with his feelings. Mistress to the Merciless Millionaire is just another amazing and wonderful love story so well penned by Abby Green; quite stunning!

Hero Hotness Factor
Heroine Lovability Factor♥♥♥♥♥
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Reviewed by: Marilyn

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