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Author: Robyn Grady

Line: Silhouette Desire

Release month UK:/ North America: September 2009

The S-Factor: Sweet and Steamy


A scandal threatened one of Australia's most powerful bachelor billionaires. The solution? A proposal.

Alexander Ramirez was committed to the idea of family, and Natalie Wilder certainly brought the right assets to his bedroom. The engagement that he'd intended as a media distraction soon became a real possibility. As one obstacle after another got in the way of his plans, Alex became more determined than ever to keep Natalie in his bed. And he always got what he wanted!

Review: ♥♥♥♥♥

Natalie Wilder had a past and she was keeping it a secret from her billionaire lover Alexander Ramirez and the rest of the world. At seventeen she became pregnant; the father left her and her home town leaving her and her family to be town gossips. She delivered her baby girl early due to an accident and two hours later watched her pass away in her arms. Now she’s living in Sydney Australia and is a high end real estate agent. However, her grief for her baby is real and she visits the grave site and her mom when she can.

Alex Ramirez is a well known billionaire and is awaiting an answer on an important business deal. However, he’s attending his sister’s engagement party and has taken Natalie along as his guest but he also wants her to meet his sister. They’d been together for 3 months in a very intense relationship with no talk of future. Alex new he would marry and produce heirs and the reputation of the woman he would marry would need to have a wife to be above reproach. He remembers a discussion with his father about marriage and responsibility

It’s an awaiting game to get the results of the paternity test and Alex needs Natalie with him. He purchases a mansion and asks her to move in and also makes arrangements with her boss for her to have time off where they spend time on the beach at his secluded summer home. Their time together is romantic yet tense because the tests haven’t come back. The reporter is lurking around and Natalie makes her trek back home to her home town to see her mom. People in the town still stare at her and more and more she realizes sometime soon she’s going to need to tell Alex the truth because she’s in love with him.

It’s very clear to Natalie that that how he sees his future is married and with a son, a son she can’t give him due to complications that happened after the birth of her baby. Secrets as we all know have a way of blowing up in ones face and she keeps putting off telling him about her past. For them blow after blow, a young man they met on the beach whose mother was ill, her telling him about her infertile condition and her mother having a heart attack. How much more could they survive because there was one thing for sure….he wanted her, wanted to marry her.

Trust me, for this couple things keep going down hill with the exception of Alex finding out he’s not the father as he was accused. But when he she sends him away, he’s at his lowest. Be prepared for a good cry as it’s obvious they both belong together. Especially when he gives her a gift of love, a pledge of honour, truly a selfless gift one the reader will long remember.

Robyn Grady has a special gift of expressing her thoughts, and showing her character’s deepest emotions, a gift that is so romantic and sweet especially in this wonderful love story. I could actually believe her baby was an angel which brought them together and tears to my eyes.

The longer they saw each other the more Alex became open about their relationship and of course he had questions and wanted to know about her family and past. So as they are getting ready to leave the engagement party, he is accosted by a former business man and accuses in front of the party goers that his daughter is expecting and accuses Alex of being the father. To make matters worse, a reporter is awaiting them on the street and asks Alex two questions…..what’s he going to do about the baby and is he going to marry Natalie. On the spur of the moment, Alex answers “yes”!

Hero Hotness Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Heroine Lovability Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Awww Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Stickability Factor ♥♥♥♥♥
Humour Factor
Weepy Factor♥♥♥

Reviewed by: Marilyn

Behind the book from Dear Reader:

Robbie poses the question “ have you ever been so badly burned that you were unable to forgive the person responsible? Sometimes forgiving ourselves over enduring regrets can prove even more difficult than forgiving others”. RG

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