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BARGAINING FOR BABY (Billionaires and Babies) – Robyn Grady

Author: Robyn Grady
Line: Silhouette Desire
Release month: North America/UK: May 2010 AUS: June 2010
The S-Factor: Sexy

Back Blurb:

Queensland sheep station owner Jack Prescott wasn't ready to be a full-time father. He'd do his duty and care for his orphaned nephew, but he had no place in his battered heart for a baby…or for guardian Madison Tyler, the woman hell-bent on disrupting his life.

Yet Jack couldn't ignore the attraction he felt for Madison. Their affair was fast and furious…and soon fraught with regret. The city girl's stay in the Outback was only temporary, and Jack had a little boy to care for. How could they even consider bargaining for more time when neither was prepared for forever?


Madison Tyler had just lost her best friend Dahlia Prescott and now she had the responsibility of giving her friend’s brother, Jack Prescott his nephew. However, she promised Dahlia she would make sure everything went well and so she demanded she return to his ranch with him and the baby to make sure the transition went well. However, after meeting Jack, she wasn’t too sure what to expect and how he would interact with the baby because he was so aloof, a loner and a mystery to her. One thing is for sure, Maddy and Jack immediately realize there is something sizzling between them with every look, touch and things could get very complicated for them both!

Jack Prescott was one hot cowboy! However, he was a loner and had many regrets. Now his sister was dead, he had this beautiful woman at his ranch and a nephew to care for and on top of that he was very attracted to this Australian “city girl” who he knew would want to return home to her father and her job. To complicate matters, Jack had resigned himself that one day in the future, he would probably agree to take his friendship with a neighboring rancher to the next level and marry. However, due to his past marriage they absolutely would not have any children. Now he has Maddy and the baby at his ranch and as they get to know each other, he realizes he must have her before she returns home so he breaks things off with the rancher and invites Maddy to a gala. Maddy accepts and both she and Jack know her acceptance means a lot more than the kisses that have been exchanged, it means intimacy for them both.

Throughout reading Jack and Maddy’s story, I realized I was holding my breath because early in their story it’s revealed that Jack lost his wife and child. Jack still wears his wedding band round his neck and after they become intimate, he’s still wearing it. There were also other factors, Maddy and her relationship with her father and her career at her father’s firm and her strong emotions about proving herself to her father. And then there’s Maddy’s love for the baby and how returning home would rip her heart out because she would be leaving both the baby and Jack behind.

Loss, they had both lost so much…….Jack his parents, his wife and baby, and now his sister. Maddy, her sweet mother and in a way her father and now her best friend. Jack blamed himself and was afraid to take a chance because he believed not to tempt fate. As for Maddy, how could she compete with a “dead wife and child”? And just when you think Maddy and Jack have a chance everything goes down hill because of communication and their differences……she was a city girl and he was a rancher and for Jack it’s all about the farm and what his ancestors had done for generations. As for Maddy, she wanted to prove herself to her father at his advertising firm.

Prepare your self for a “teary” ending as only Roby Grady can pen because when Jack realizes what’s important and that he would give everything up for the woman he loves, you’ll be sobbing your heart out, I promise because you’ll soon realize that Dahlia, Jack’s sister and Maddy’s friend was watching over all three of them, sending her love to them all and making them a beautiful family! Bargaining for Baby was truly a beautiful and romantic love story.

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Reviewed by: Marilyn

“She always wanted to belong, but no one belonged to a job or address”.

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