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Author: Maxine Sullivan
Line: Silhouette Desire
Release month: North America/UK: June 2010
The S-Factor: Sizzling

Back Blurb:

He'd done his late brother the ultimate favor and now Dominic Roth was paying the ultimate price. The tycoon could not declare Cassandra Roth's child his own—society could know the baby only as his niece. So when the opportunity arose for Dominic to lay claim to both mother and child, he played his cards.

Yet even as Dominic finally had the woman he'd secretly coveted, he knew he could not reveal their daughter's true parentage. For the billionaire daddy dared not risk destroying his tenuous hold on true happiness.

Review: ♥♥♥♥♥

High Society Secret Baby by Desire author Maxine Sullivan takes family drama to a new high! Talk about two people who gave up so much for the people they loved certainly deserved a chance at love and happiness, didn’t they?

Dominic Roth was an amazing man the perfect hero and an honorable one on top of everything. He would do just about anything for his family and he did when his dying brother Liam asked him to donate sperm so he and his wife Cassandra could have a child before he died. The very same woman Dominic secretly had lusted after.

Cassandra lost her parents at a young age, was sent to foster home and then to another foster home where the people adopted her and another girl Penny who Cassandra considered a sister. Her foster mom passed away and her father had to be put into a nursing facility for health care. It was so expensive that when her husband Liam declared he wanted a child and she didn’t, she bargained with him to pay for her father’s health care and then she would agree to have his baby. However, after Liam died she received a letter stating that she must marry his brother Dominic, that he had deeded over their home to Dominic and he insisted the marriage take place so that their daughter Nicole could continue to be raised a Roth. By doing so, would also give his parents great comfort after he was gone. If she agreed, in six months time his letter would be destroyed. Liam also insisted she marry his brother because he didn’t want her marrying any one else.

Talk about secrets, the nursing home situation, desperately needing money for her father and sister and Dominic being the sperm donor. On top of that the accusations against Cassandra that she was money hungry, that she didn’t marry Liam for love and that she had an affair with his best friend. Dominic and his parents believed Liam. How could her first marriage go so wrong when she had married Liam for love and in the end he hurt her. How would all of this affect Cassandra and Dominic’s marriage and would they eventually fall in love?

Cassandra and Dominic married before Liam’s estate was settled and took a honeymoon taking baby Nicole with them. They literally lusted after each other and let’s just say when they finally act on that lust, the fire and passion leaps off of the pages. It was also rather touching and sweet reading about Dominic and Nicole bonding and it will tug at your heart reading about father and daughter getting to know each other. So many pressure upon this marriage from all of the secrets, to the white lies, the insults, and the mess Cassandra finds herself suffering over her father. On top of all of that, add to the mix the tension between Cassandra and her in-laws.

Lies always have away of surfacing and these were explosive and the drama is one you’ll not want to miss. Also Dominic’s and Cassandra’s passion for each other and how her love grows for her new husband. Will he only ever lust after her and could he possibly grow to love her? Will they all become a family including his parents? You’ll want to sincerely read High Society Secret Baby as well as Maxine Sullivan's second book , High-Society Seduction, about young widower Adam Roth. This book was full of high energy and was a most fantastic read!

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Reviewed by: Marilyn

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