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THE MELENDEZ FORGOTTEN MARRIAGE (Bride On Approval) - Melanie Milburne

Author: Melanie Milburne
Line: Mills and Boon Modern/ Harlequin Presents
Release month: North America/UK July 2010
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When fragile Emelia awoke from her coma she had no recollection of the strikingly handsome man before her, whose eyes glittered like fine-cut gems—hard and impenetrable. But he aroused something within her….

Javier Mélendez had wed Emelia for convenience and bedded her for pleasure. The rules in place during their marriage had suited him perfectly, and he'd ensured his trophy wife adhered to them…. But as Emelia's memory slowly returned, she seemed to be laboring under a misapprehension…that their marriage was based on love!


Conflict, doubt, passion, mistrust, second chances…..trust me you’ll get it all by the very talented Melanie Milburne in The Melendez Forgotten Marriage. If you like books that make your pulse and heart race, you’ll definitely feel some of these emotions while reading this particular love story.

When their eyes met, the attraction was immediate. She was playing the piano, he was in the lounge and it was electric. It was simply crazy their attraction for each other. When they finally made love Javier knew he wanted Emelia in this life permanently so within only a few months they married. However, Javier was firm on his expectations, no children, plus numerous other things which Emelia accepted because in the end she loved her husband. She so wanted to please him, make him proud of her, be the perfect wife and hostess. However, everything backfired and it reminded her of her parents marriage when her mother had been alive, it also reminded her of her father, who went from wife to wife. For Emelia, all she ever wanted was to be loved and yes she had hoped for children and hoped she could change Javier’s mind. In the end it was way too much and she knew she had to leave him so she returned to London and her childhood friend Peter Marshall.

Both Emelia and Javier had similar childhoods. They both lost their mother’s at an early age and had similar father’s who were selfish, standoffish, went from one wife to another. Neither had felt loved. Because of this Javier was firm on not having any children because he had always feared he would not be a good father. However, Emelia felt differently but she married Javier anyway, because she loved him.

Javier Melendez was angry but he had been afraid that he would loose his wife of two years because she had been in a comma from a car accident. How could she leave him, run away to her childhood friend, betray their marriage , splash their name all over the press because she was leaving him for her lover? Her accident changed everything because he needed to take her home to recoup her memory, heal and then he could seek his revenge for her betrayal.

Patience was not a easy thing for Javier. He wanted his wife to remember everything, he wanted her back in his bed and he wanted answers. It took some time for Emelia to remember but it happened finally through Javier’s ministrations through touch, taste and determination. And then everything changes in their relationship and they resume their loving making. As the pieces of the puzzle begin to fit in Emalia’s mind she remembers how much of herself she gave up, how much she wanted to be loved and then everything changes due to a chain of events which I can’t say because it would ruin the romance for you. However, trust me on this, your tears will fall, you’ll feel Emelia and Javier’s pain and wonder if they will get their second chance and who would be the one to make it happen.

The Melendez Forgotten Marriage is definitely a keeper and one to be reread and a fabulous “second chance” sensual romance.

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