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AN HEIR FOR THE MILLIONAIRE – 2 Stories in 1 – Julia James an Carole Mortimer

Authors: Julia James and Carole Mortimer
Mills and Boon Modern/Harlequin Presents
Month: UK: North America:
August 2010
The S-Factor: Sensual

Back Blurb:

Two proud fathers about to claim their heirs!

The Greek and the Single Mom by Julia James
For Greek tycoon Xander Anaketos only money talks, and when he breezes back into Claire's life, he wants her back in his bed. But what will he do when he discovers his impoverished ex-mistress is also the loving mother of his child?

The Millionaire's Contract Bride by Carole Mortimer
Impossibly rich Xander Fraser wants struggling single mother Casey Bridges to be his bride…of convenience! Casey knows their marriage can never be real, but that doesn't stop her falling for her new husband….


Two Greek alpha’s, both named Xander!

Julia James – The Greek and The Single Mom

No commitments for Xander Anaketos in fact he never kept a mistress for more than a few months and then his goodbye, an expensive parting gift! However, Claire sincerely believed her time with him meant more, that she actually might have a chance and a future with Xander because not only the look in his eyes but she had spent almost a year with him and she had a secret, she was expecting his child.

Can you imagine loving a man, knowing you were pregnant with his child and that you actually felt he care more for you than any other woman he had been with before? And then the bomb is dropped, he’s met someone in New York and he’s going to replace you! Personally, I think I would have wanted to kill him but not Clare. She quietly left him alone in a restaurant and literally walked out of his life. And now four years later living with his beautiful son Joey and an older woman Vi who she cares for like a grandmother, she’s trying to make ends meet and saving for a vacation for the three of them. Vi had been wonderful, taking them into her home and in exchange they had worked together and had become a family.

A new job at a new hotel, one that Xander would never think of using until a fateful night when sealing a business deal and who should he run into but the woman from his past, his mistress that had walked out on him, who had made him furious. Of course Xander couldn’t leave it alone, with the help of the staff he finds out where’s she’s living and finds out that he has a son she’s kept from him. Being the alpha he was, he insists they marry and Clare will have not of it. However, they both agree to a Caribbean trip, just the three of them.

Father and son, not a problem in bonding but for Claire, well let’s just say the entire experience was extremely painful. So many things to get past, especially the sensual tension and of course, he manipulates everything thing setting off not just fireworks, everything spirals out of control. A second chance not just for love but for a family? Julia James in this short story wove a beautiful romance with a very happy ending.

Carole Mortimer – The Millionaire’s Contract Bride

Xander Fraser and Casey Bridges whether they want to or not, have a mutual problem. Their spouses left them both with no thought for anyone but them selves. They didn’t care what it would do to Casey, Xander and their each of their children and now they (Sam and Chloe) were both dead and Chloe’s father was trying to get custody of his grand daughter Lauren.

Their children Lauren and Josh had become friends and had been through so much. However, so had the parents who had been left behind due to their selfishness? However, Xander had a plan to save both of the children and Casey who was struggling to make ends meet. That was putting it mildly; she was working two jobs and was dead on her feet. Therefore, Xander’s plan was for them to have a marriage of convenience, providing a trust and safety for Josh and Casey and thus fending the take over of his daughter Lauren. Thus, it would create a stable environment, especially for the children.

Casey had been told so many times she was frigid by her ex-secretly he wanted it all. Would they have a chance at happiness?

The Millionaire’s contract Bride was brilliant, short and sweet and very sensual. What I loved about this is how author Carole Mortimer tied this three week romance up into a wonderful happy ending.

Both authors gave readers a sample of their extreme talent in this “2 stories in 1” romance, two Greek alphas with sweet heroines who so deserved romance and a happy ending!

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Reviewed by: Marilyn

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