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Author: Anna Cleary
Line: Harlequin Presents Extra / Mills and Boon Modern Heat
Release month: North America: Aug 2010 UK: Apr 2010
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Back Blurb:

Bride: signed, sealed and delivered!

Ariadne Giorgias has been set up! Instead of being welcomed in Australia by family friends, she's picked up from the airport by a lone, strikingly gorgeous stranger...

Sebastian Nikosto doesn't know what to expect from his contract wife-to-be. But it certainly isn't the beautiful Ariadne, or the combustible attraction that sizzles between them. Perhaps there might be an upside to this ridiculous arrangement?

But once the bartered bride’s been wedded, it seems that neither party is in such a hurry to annul the marriage as planned...

Review: ♥♥♥♥♥

Anna Cleary has written an intriguing romance which was absolutely fascinating and lovely to read. The way they met, how they first reacted to each other, how the tables were turned on both of them was a sweet, soft and tender romance.

Ariadne Giorgias sole my heart because of all she’d been through’ from loosing both of her parents as a young child, to being raised by a dominating older Greek Uncle, for her reason she left her groom at the alter causing a scandal for her Greek family. Now her family sent to Australia for a holiday and to get away from Greece and the press. She believed it was a fully paid holiday from her Uncle until she phoned them before her plane departed and found out that her uncle had arranged a deal with an Australian businessman. She was shocked because her family expected her to marry him. She was terribly upset and didn’t want to go. And then she found out that the holiday had not been paid for and she needed money to survive, money she didn’t have and the question was how was she going to get it?

As a courtesy to her uncle, Sebastian sets up a meeting with Ariadne because her uncle had made a deal with him. He would provide the cash flow to put his business back on top if he would marry his niece. What he didn't know was that she came with baggage but so did he because he vowed never to marry again as his wife died three years earlier and he never wanted to make that sort of commitment again nor experience the loss. However, he felt a duty to his company and employees and so he decided to meet her; but it started out badly. He didn’t meet her as planned at the airport and she found him frosty. He felt she was a spoiled rich girl. What he didn't know was that she didn't inherit unless she married and at the moment she really needed the money because she was actually stranded in Australia and would have to leave her hotel to seek a place to live and a job.

Boy oh boy did the sparks fly between them. I actually felt like a third wheel while reading their first encounters. And then I felt so badly for Ariadne because she tried to hock her jewelry so she could find a place to live; in the end she didn’t have enough money and had to settle for less and agreed to marry him, stay married for a short time and then when she got her inheritance walk away. Honestly, reading about their married life, how hard they both tried, how sweet Sebastian was to her, how much she adored him and wanted to make a special home for him was very special until everything blew up in their faces. However, like all relationships that were meant to be they had to learn what was important, search their souls so that in the end they could have their happy ending. Charming, sensual, emotional and happy endings all rolled into one by the talented Anna Cleary.

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Reviewed by: Marilyn
Behind the Book from author’s website:

“Imagine you're stranded in a strange country without money, a place to live or any connection to a living soul. Except for an icy, angry, stunningly gorgeous Greek who despises you, that is.
This is the situation Ariadne Giorgias finds herself in when she steps off the plane from Naxos and into a nightmare.
Can this beautiful, sad, and until now very sheltered heroine survive the cruel shocks of life in Australia?”

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