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Release month ( North America/ UK / Australia): North America - AUGUST

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Threatened by masked men making an impossible demand of her, Abby Chandler runs to Luke Cooper for help. She knows it's been three years since he vanished after their blazing one-night stand…and that she might be forced to reveal the secret that he's her little boy's father.

Abby has no idea that the former marine has also been keeping a painful secret—that his disappearance was the only way to keep her alive. Luke knows Abby came to him for protection, but earning her trust isn't going to be easy. Nor will keeping his hands off her. But admitting their once-forbidden attraction still exists could be risky. And deadly..

Review: ♥♥♥♥♥

Ms. Graves creates a heart pounding read with ONE TOUGH MARINE.

Abby Chandler comes home to be accosted by two masked men in the shambles of her apartment. They demand that she turn over what her deceased husband stole or something will happen to her son. The only thing wrong with that, Abby has no idea what it is Matt took that these men want. There's only one man she can turn to for protection—a man who doesn't know he's the father of her son.

Luke Cooper hasn't seen Abby Chandler in years, not since he left her bed without a word years ago. But when she shows up unexpected in his house with her young son in tow, Luke's self imposed exile from those he cares for is about to go out the window to protect the two of them. He knew Matt as well as anyone and he and Abby have to work together to figure out what it is that these men want, before they make good on their threats towards Abby.

Abby and Luke are a wonderful couple. Fighting an attraction between them isn't easy, especially being on the run from possibly more than one group of dangerous men who are willing to kill to get their hands on what they want. Close quarters lead to an increased awareness of each other and memories that neither want to deal with. Abby's fear that Luke will find out her secret about her son's paternity before she's ready to tell him forces her to try to keep her distance, something that grows impossible the further they run.

Ms. Graves does an excellent job keeping the tension up as Abby and Chandler race towards the only safe place Luke's aware of: his family home in Alabama. With the bad guys seemingly closing in on them at every turn, the reader is left to wonder if Luke and Abby will make it to safety in time. And just what is it that her husband took that is risk all of this. I have to say I truly loved this book. Abby's son stole every scene he was in. Definitely a read that earned it's spot on my keeper shelf.

Reviewed by: Lis

Hero Hotness Factor ♥♥♥♥♥

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