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A STORMY GREEK MARRIAGE (Drakos Baby) – Lynne Graham

Author: Lynne Graham
Line: Mills and Boon Modern/Harlequin Presents
Release month: UK: AUG 2010 / North America: Dec 2010
The S-Factor: Sizzling

Back Blurb:

Billie’s baby has been born but she hasn’t told Alexei about his son’s existence. Yet when she returns to Greece and he proposes a marriage of convenience, she knows she just has to take her chance to be with the man she loves. But Alexei is amazed to find his wife isn’t a virgin on their wedding night – and that’s just the first shocking revelation in this stormy marriage...

Review: ♥♥♥♥

Secrets, lies and they are married? Will their marriage last or explode? Lynne Graham has written the most amazing and explosive love story. As I mentioned in my review of The Pregnancy Shock, book one in this duet, Alexei is quite the arrogant and “naughty” alpha and he’s still suffering from slight amnesia. He doesn’t remember making love to his virgin PA on the eve of he’s parents funeral. He’s expecting his wife to be a virgin on their wedding night and he’s not aware that he has a son.

In a Stormy Greek Marriage even though her aunt and mother urged Billie to tell Alexei before she married him that they had a son, she didn’t. Her mother in her drunken state almost spilled the beans at their wedding reception. However, when Alexei realizes Billie is not a virgin, he demands to know who here first lover was but she feels he doesn’t deserve the right because of his jaded past. Being the proud Greek husband, he demands to know so she told him the truth. Of course, he didn’t believe her and he told her she disgusted him! How dare he say those words to her while she stood by and watched him make love to his former-lover Calisto? She went away and gave birth to his child because she thought Alexei would marry Calisto. She put her love for him aside instead of telling him and possibly ruining his future. And when she revealed to him that the had a son, what did he do? He left her and was photographed in Paris with his ex and then he sent representatives to gather DNA samples. Talk about a mess and trust me, it continued for most of the book.

Alexei came back to Greece for Billie and then there were damning picture of her and an old friend, so again he left her and went to England until the DNA results were confirmed. However, she didn’t wait, she took her baby and a friend along to care for Nicky. However, what greeted her was not pleasant, a man full of accusations as to why she kept everything a secret. A man who felt cheated with the months his missed not being with his son and everything continued to be full of turmoil, so much so that Alexei took the baby, the nanny and left Billie behind and went to the countryside in France.

Meanwhile, Billie found out about her father, visited with him and then decided to check up on Calisto because she was sure she was residing in Alexei’s townhouse. She was determined to find out if she was her husband’s mistress. Could things get any worse? Of course they could and did. However, Billie developed a backbone. She was sure her marriage was over but the time had come to take care of herself and to stand up to this arrogant Greek.

Other things added to their unhappiness besides Alexei taking her baby. Calisto, Billing finding out that the prenup she signed gave Alexei sole rights to his son and her mother giving personal information to the tabloids. You can’t be faint of heart while reading A Stormy Greek Marriage. You’ll experience love/hate feelings for this Greek alpha and you’ll absolutely cheer Billie on. Would they get their happy ending? Just when I thought not, Alexei remembered the first time he made love to Billie at his Greek villa after his parents funeral. He remembered what she meant to him and that she was the woman he wanted in his life, not his ex-lover, only Billie. And for Billie she learned a lesson as well, to trust her husband and his love for her.

Hero Hotness Factor♥♥♥♥
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Reviewed by: Marilyn

(From the Drakos Baby linked-story duet.  This book is part two of a linked story. See Part One: The Pregnancy Shock)

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