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UNDER THE MILLIONAIRE’S MISTLETOE – Maureen Child and Sandra Hyatt

Author: Maureen Child and Sandra Hyatt
Line: Silhouette Desire
Release month: UK/North America: December 2010
The S-Factor: Sensual

Back Blurb:

Pucker up for two irresistible millionaires who are about to meet their matches…under the mistletoe!


Well, she'd asked to be kissed. Who was Sam Hale to deny a beauty such a request? But when the businessman discovered she was Anna Cameron, the woman he'd made his brother stop dating, Sam knew trouble was brewing. Especially since his mistletoe lady was driving this noncommittal bachelor to distraction….


He never expected to be kissing his "wife" under the mistletoe. Millionaire Luke Maitland had married Meg Elliot under extreme circumstances…certain they'd never be reunited. Yet even as he planned to end their temporary union, he could not ignore the intense passion between them. Was this magnate meant to be married?

Review: ♥♥♥♥♥


The Wrong Brother was certainly a holiday hit as only Maureen Child's can pen. It’s sexy, steamy and seriously fun because the tables were turned on both Sam Hale and Anna Cameron.

The title “The Wrong Brother” describes the book to a tee. Why one might ask?  Because for a brief time Sam’s younger brother had been dating Anna Cameron.   A relationship that Sam broke up because he believed Anna Cameron was a gold digger. Cameron Leather was in trouble and it was owned by Anna’s father, a father she loved and adored. And her stepmother wanted the best for her husband and she wanted Anna to get back together with Garrett Hale. So at her father’s holiday party for his employees she hid from her tipsy stepmother until her father coaxed her to quit hiding behind the potted palm. Step mom on the chase, Anna spotted a tall man standing under the mistletoe and asked him to save her life by kissing her. The kiss was magical and explosive, and she didn't want it to end.

Sparks exploded between Anna and the stranger she was  kissing. It was everything she had ever dreamed of and more, until she found out that the very same man was in fact, Sam Hale. Talk about a fun first encounter. She couldn’t get that kiss out of her head but was determined to do so. As her business was also slow, when she received a call from a woman requesting a quote for a mural to be commissioned for her mansion, Anna jumped at the chance. What she didn’t know was that it was Sam’s housekeeper getting her there on false pretenses. To say she was angry was putting it mildly. To get back at him, she doubled the quote and Sam  didn't care, he accepted.

They would be seeing each other daily, because Hales Luxury Autos, who built luxury cars for celebs had their garage on Sam’s property. It was a lucrative business that Sam had built from the ground up. He too was remembering the kiss and so was the entire town who had witnessed it at the party.  They were the hot topic in the small town of Crystal Bay. She knew she should refuse and go but how could she when she recalled the shared kiss that lit her up like the 4th of July? Plus the fact that Sam didn’t trust her and he believed she had used his brother to save her father’s company. All I could think of while reading this fun romance, was would Maureen Child’s sense of humor shine through? Yes, trust me you’ll erupt with laughter every so often while reading this amazing romance. I was just hoping they would repeat that explosive kiss and they did after returning from a motorcycle ride and then some, plus a trip to the bedroom. Wow is all I can say and then Anna fell head over heels in love.

Things became complicated for Sam because he still wasn’t sure he could trust Anna but that didn’t stop him from wanting her day and night. On top of that he wondered what his brother would say and if he would loose him because he was seeing Anna. To complicate things further, Anna’s father paid him a visit due to the town gossip. He wanted to make sure Sam understood he would not use his daughter as a bargaining chip to save his business. And then the day of the mural revealing came upon them and Anna hoped that every day when he looked at his office mural he would think of her. But she knew she had to end her relationship with Sam because he didn’t trust her and it was killing her because she loved him. So when she questioned him and he didn’t answer, they quarreled and she left.

What a Christmas for them both; they were miserable without each other and Anna was extremely worried about her father. After discussions with his brother and telling him everything and several unanswered calls to Anna, Sam made a decision. A most incredible decision that had me bawling because it was so sweet and tender. He finally realized that Anna had integrity and had his heart! The lengths he went to regain her love was amazing, giving them that their holiday magic and happy ending.


Author Sandra Hyatt was a new author for me to read and her Mistletoe Magic was just that, magical! It also made me think to what lengths one would to go if they possibly thought they might not live? Marriage to a woman he barely knew to protect his estate so that his half-brother couldn’t get his hands on it? That’s exactly what to Luke Maitland and Meg Elliott did, got married under unusual circumstances.

After a failed relationship, Meg Elliott had gotten to know Luke’s mother at a fundraiser luncheon and she really respected the woman. She decided to go to work for the Maitland foundation in Indonesia and that’s where she met Luke Maitland who was seriously injured. She was sweet, gentle and he couldn’t keep from thinking about her even though he was in pain. When the thought came up in his mind that what if he should die, he put a crazy plan into motion and asked Meg to marry him. Because his brother had tried to blackmail his mother while she was alive, he didn’t want his brother to inherit his estate. And now months later he returned home to Lake Tahoe without any warning and kissed her under the mistletoe.

Meg wasn’t quite sure what to do because now that Luke was home she needed to leave. However, her car was in the shop so she agreed to stay a few days. Luke didn’t do Christmas and here not only was his home decorated, his friends had become her friends and she had planned a huge fundraiser dinner. It was complicated and uncomfortable and play acting that they were actually married at times was stressful. However, he thought about her voice, her gentle touch while she had nursed him months earlier and remembered their wedding kiss. She shared with him the things she had said and done to his friends concerning their marriage and now that would have to end. And then without warning they were touching and kissing until they were interrupted by the caterers arriving for the fundraiser dinner party.

The touching and looks continued through out the dinner party and then the inevitable, they made love in his study. Walks, making love, talking over their shared past and both knowing that in a few days, they would seek a divorce and Meg would walk away. Meg knew she was in trouble and her heart was going to be broken. Being with Luke was wonderful and she would take what she could get. Things were happening way to fast, their time coming to an end plus for Luke, how was he going to deal with his brother? And then the weather had other ideas, it snowed, so they spent their time watching movies and acting like a married couple. However, Meg felt she should leave but I could tell Luke wasn’t ready to let her go because he told her she eased something in him. Could that mean he was also falling for her?

The ending was magical for both Meg and Luke because Meg made a bold decision while Luke was privately meeting with his friend and attorney. She acted on her decision, only to find out in the end that Luke had actually fallen in love with her,giving them both holiday magic.

Hero Hotness Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Heroine Lovability Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Awww Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Stickability Factor ♥♥♥♥♥
Weepy Factor♥♥
Reviewed by: Marilyn

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