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Author: Robyn Grady
Line: Silhouette Desire
Release month: UK/North America : January 2011
The S-Factor: Sexy

Back Blurb:

The last woman Samuel Bishop expected to have in his arms was his ex-wife. Left with amnesia from an accident, Laura had no memory of their bitter divorce. In her mind, she and the business tycoon were still newlyweds. With her ready to pick up where she thought their scorching-hot marriage had left off, he couldn't turn her down.

But soon Bishop realized he was playing with fire. He wanted to reclaim the wedded bliss this Laura had shown him, but what would happen when her memory returned?

And what would happen if it didn't?

Review: ♥♥♥♥♥

Amnesiac Ex, Unforgettable Vows by Robyn Grady was a very moving love story with two extremely likeable characters, Bishop and Laura.

Their courtship with swift and fast and they both fell head over heels in love with each other. As Grace, Laura’s sister said had they taken more time and not rushed into their marriage maybe things would have turned out differently. Had Bishop been able to understand that Laura’s heart condition didn’t diminish her need to have a child and not adopt one. Had they both been able to talk after the baby they conceived resulted in a miscarriage. It was all so easy to walk away from each other ending their marriage with a divorce.

Now Bishop was back in Laura’s life because she had an accidental fall and was suffering from amnesia. As her sister told him, maybe they would get a second chance and love one another again. It was such a touching story line and it was one of those love stories that at times was hard to read. As for Laura, she didn’t remember loosing the baby and she thought they had only been married a few months. For Samuel Bishop, it was shear torment because his feelings for Laura were both physical and personal. It was obvious he still desired and loved her after the weeks tending to her needs and moving back into the home he built for her. It was like walking on egg shells, wondering when she would remember, trying to turn away her touches and kisses, trying so hard not to make love to her; it drove him crazy.

After days of resisting his ex’s flirtations plus the tension of trying to decide if he should sell his business, he finally gave in and took some time off to spend with Laura. All she could talk about was creating a baby together, wanting her own child and not to adopt one and couldn’t understand Bishop’s resistance. And then, finally Bishop gave in, he couldn’t resist anymore and no matter what the consequences, he realized he wanted that child and Laura. He realized he loved her! Of course she knew he was worried something could or might happen to her and/or the baby. But she didn’t understand his behaviour until after a couple of weeks later part of her memory returned.

I wondered if they could get their second chance, clear the air, talk out why their marriage ended the first time. It had to workout because they both loved each other. But would it be enough? Because no matter how well they suited each other, there would always be the past between them.

Amnesiac Ex, Unforgettable Vows took place in Australia with the final scene taking place on New Years Eve, with the opera house, bridge and fireworks in the background. But those weren’t the only fireworks because after Bishop’s friend encouraged him to talk to Laura again, make her understand how much she meant to him, they had a lot to celebrate in the end. They got their happy ending and so much more thanks to the very talented Robyn Grady.

Hero Hotness Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Heroine Lovability Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Awww Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Stickability Factor ♥♥♥♥♥
Weepy Factor♥♥♥
Reviewed by: Marilyn

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