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Review: Christmas with the Boss - Carole Mortimer, Alison Roberts and Natalie Anderson

Line: M&B Special Releases
Release Month: October 2009
The S-Factor: Sweet/Sizzling


Spend the holidays with a sexy, successful, commanding man! This title features three stories that include Snowbound with the Billionaire, Twins for Christmas, and The Millionaire's Mistletoe Mistress.

Snowbound with the Billionaire by Carole Mortimer - The last person Caro Montgomery expects to see at Christmas is her estranged sexy, super-wealthy husband, Jake. But this is no accidental meeting - Jake is back for good, to claim his wife and baby! Caro's determined to refuse Jake, but then she's trapped with him on Christmas Eve...

Twins for Christmas by Alison Roberts - Dr Rory McCulloch has returned and discovered a Christmas gift he wasn't expecting - twins! Heavily pregnant, Kate had been prepared for single motherhood. But now she and Rory are snowbound together, on one of their toughest cases ever...

The Millionaire's Mistletoe Mistress by Natalie Anderson - Imogen's new boss is demanding, infuriating - and utterly gorgeous. But she's been burnt by a colleague before, and she's not about to make the same mistake again. However, making Imogen his mistletoe mistress by Christmas is at the top of Ryan's agenda!


Spend Christmas with a devilishly handsome billionaire, a gorgeous surgeon and a seductive boss this Yuletide with this spellbinding collection featuring three romances by three of your favourite authors!

Snowbound with the Billionaire - Carole Mortimer

Much-loved international best-selling author Carole Mortimer has penned a seductive tale of intense passion and torrid emotion which will enthrall Modern Romance readers everywhere!

Caro had fallen head over heels in love with billionaire Jake Montgomery - and nobody had been more stunned than Caro when he had asked her to marry her! Caro thought that she had stepped into the middle of a wonderful fairy tale - until she realized that her Prince Charming was a liar!

Humiliated and betrayed, Caro had decided to leave Jake's luxurious mansion to start afresh in Spain...with the baby she was carrying! Nothing and nobody would tempt her back to England, until her brother's pleas to spend Christmas with him tugged at her heartstrings. But no sooner had she stepped off the plane that she realized that she had made a huge mistake - for waiting for her was none other than her husband!

Jake had been furious when Caro had run out on him - but nothing compares to the anger he feels sweeping over him when he finds out that Caro had kept his child from him! Jake is determined to make Caro pay for her betrayal - by subjecting her to punishing kisses and breathtaking seduction!

Sexy, compelling and mesmerizing, Snowbound with the Billionaire is Carole Mortimer at her unputdownable best!

Twins for Christmas - Alison Roberts

A touching, tender and heartwarming Christmas tale, Medical romance author Alison Roberts will delight and enchant readers with her novella, Twins for Christmas!

Everybody had adored Dr. Rory McCulloch. He was not only smart, funny and great company - but he was also drop dead gorgeous! Like every single woman in the hospital, Kate had also been attracted to Rory, but how could a guy like him possibly find a shy and plain girl like her attractive?

But one magical night, Rory and Kate had come together and their passion had bound them closer and left them breathless. Kate had thought that she had finally found the person she had been searching for for most of her life - but the following day, Rory had disappeared!

Finding out that she was pregnant with his child was the ultimate shock for Kate. But she was determined to raise her twin babies on her own - until Rory returned out of the blue and made it clear that he wasn't going to let her - or their babies - out of his sight ever again!

A heart-meltingly gorgeous tale of second chances, new beginnings and the power of true love, Twins for Christmas is a must-read this holiday season!

The Millionaire's Mistletoe Mistress - Natalie Anderson

Sexy, sweet and sassy, The Millionaire's Mistletoe Mistress will heat up the cold winter nights!

Imogen had vowed never to have anything more to do with men after she been used and discarded by a rich playboy who had completely humiliated her. Having left New Zealand to start afresh in Edinburgh, Imogen had been adamant that she would put all her energies into her work and to forget all about men - until her new boss Ryan entered her life!

Like her previous lover, Ryan is rich and devastatingly handsome and although Imogen knows that she must give him as wide a berth as possible, she finds herself unable to resist his brand of lethal seduction!

Ryan cannot stop thinking about Imogen - nor can he keep his hands off her curves! But will he manage to convince his mistletoe mistress to become his Yuletide bride?

You can always rely on Natalie Anderson to deliver a fun and feel-good read and The Millionaire's Mistletoe's Mistress is no exception! With a sexy hero, a loveable heroine and lashings of heart, sparkle and seduction, The Millionaire's Mistletoe Mistress is another fabulous read by this amazing rising star of M&B Modern Heat!

Give yourself a break this Christmas and indulge in this fantastic collection of emotional festive romances - you certainly will not regret it!

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Heroine Lovability Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Awww Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Stickability Factor ♥♥♥♥♥
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