Thursday, December 31, 2009


Title: The Viking's Captive Princess
Author: Michelle Styles
Line: Harlequin Historicals
Release Date: December 2009
The S-Factor: Sensual and Satisfying


Dangerous warrior Ivar Gunnarson is a man of deeds, not words. With little time for the ideals of love, Ivar seizes what he wants—and Princess Thyre will not become the exception to his rule!

Mysterious and enchanting, Thyre rouses Ivar's desire the moment he lays eyes on her. With Viking factions engaged in a bloody feud, Thyre is yet another captive this hardened warrior conquers—but to be king of Thyre's heart will entail a battle he has never engaged in before….


After writing a string of enchanting Regency/Victorian romances, talented storyteller Michelle Styles sweeps us back again to the Viking era with The Viking's Captive Princess, an enthralling historical which will hold readers in thrall once more!

As the stepdaughter of Ragnfast the Steadfast, Thyre is responsible for the well-being of her family and of her people, as well as looking after the family estate. Capable, resilient and tenacious, her qualities are admired by many, yet Thrye cannot help but wish that someday a man might come into her life and recognize her worth as a woman. However, Thrye knows that romance is simply not an option for her. Juggling the demands of her responsibilities with her family, Thyre knows that spinsterhood beckons. But when a Viken ship comes to shore, little does she realize that her life is about to change forever...

The Viken and the Rankirens have been always been at war and Thyre cannot help but be apprehensive...especially when she claps eyes on the jaarl, Ivar Gunnarson. Powerful, commanding and as handsome as sin, the Viking warrior takes one look at Thyre and vows to bed her, but Thyre will not demean herself by sleeping with the enemy. However, when her stepfather informs her that he has agreed to marry her off to an old friend of his who is old enough to be her parent, Thyre finds herself desperate and in need of salvation...which comes in the form of Ivar who proposes that she leave her family behind and become his concubine!

With her back against the wall, Thyre accepts and she leaves everything behind and sets sail for her new life with Ivar. Ivar might be attracted to her, but he will not allow her to breach his defences. However, when grudging respect gives way to admiration and love, Ivar finds himself falling for his concubine. But is a future together a possibility...or a futile dream?

Clear a space on your keeper shelf because Michelle Styles has penned another winner! The Viking's Captive Princess is another captivating tale from this wonderful storyteller featuring a heroine to admire, a gorgeous Alpha male to adore, a fantastic cast of fully-fleshed supporting characters, searing emotional intensity, dramatic action, powerful romance and wonderfully rendered historical detail which never interferes or overwhelms the story.

Michelle Styles continues to pen riveting historical romantic fiction that never fails to satisfy her ever-growing legion of readers. Well-written, well-plotted and thoroughly mesmerizing, The Viking's Captive Princess is the latest in a line of spellbinding romances which readers will want to read again and again.

Hero Hotness Factor ♥♥♥♥♥
Heroine Lovability Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Awww Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Stickability Factor ♥♥♥♥♥
Weepy Factor ♥♥♥

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