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Author: Trish Morey
Line: Harlequin Presents / Mills and Boon Modern
Release month: North America: March 2010
                        UK: February 2010
The S-Factor: Sinfully Sexy

Back Blurb:

For one million dollars: mistress at his mercy!

Jobless, homeless and penniless: humble housekeeper Cleo Taylor seeks a suitable position of employment. All good offers accepted…

Billionaire tycoon Andreas Xenides seeks beautiful woman for business contract on the luxury island of Santorini. Terms: mistress for a month. Salary: one million dollars.

Training will be given….

Review: ♥♥♥♥♥

Author Trish Morey is certainly a “rock star” with His Mistress For a Million, which I personally read non-stop because is was so very intense. As Cleo’s nanna said, everything has a “silver lining” and a happy ending. This wonderful love story certainly did and then some. It was so good it made the USA Today Best Seller List.

Cleo came from humble beginnings from a dusty little outback town named Kangaroo Crossing where her mother, nanna, step-father and twin brothers still lived. She was a high school drop out and was known by her female classmates as a failure. And now she was working as a cleaner and cook in a seedy London hotel because she had trusted a man she met on the Internet. A man who not only took her virginity but also her money. This man made her feel like a fool for believing in him and now that her money was gone and she didn't have a return ticket to Australia she really felt like a loser. Because of her lack of education she had to take work that would put a roof over her head. Then the worst possible thing happened when she was told by a handsome Greek stranger that he now owned the hotel where she worked and she had to vacate immediately. This meant no job and no place to sleep.

Andreas Xenides was a Greek billionaire out for revenge against his father’s old business partner who embezzled from the business, disappeared and left his family with nothing. Shortly thereafter his father died. Andreas has found the culprit, tells him he now owns the hotel and for him to get out immediately! He makes arrangements for the guests but when confronted by Cleo he’s not sure what to do about her. He then remembers what he was thinking about on the flight from Athens to London; how he wanted to end his one time affair with his Marketing Director. The only way he can think to do that is to bring a woman home with him as his new mistress, so he proposes to Cleo that she become that person for one million US dollars.

Think about it, a tall, dark and handsome Greek billionaire gives you a way out for a month, with a signed contract with a no-sex agreement, and a chance to repay your family with enough money left to start over…….would you take it? After lots of emotional thoughts and talking to him to make sure he understood it will only be play acting. Cleo agrees but is also frightened and she also has trust issues. After a full make-over and purchasing a designer wardrobe, off they go to Greece, with Santorini being the destination.

It’s all so overwhelming for Cleo and the sensual current and tension between them is hot. She’s very jumpy every time he touches her, nervous and a little insecure. However, Andreas sees so much sweetness and sincerity in her unlike the women he’s ever dated and he also realizes that even though he provided her with a makeover and beautiful designer clothes, she was lovely inside and out and sincerely loved Santorini and it’s culture and history. Enough so that when she eventually returned home to Australia she wanted to study and go back to school.

Their time together became very natural, they became easy with each other and acted on their passionate feelings. Andreas found he wanted to spend less time at the office and more time exploring Santorini with her; he sincerely enjoyed her in and out of the bedroom. On top of everything else there was pressure from his mother to marry and give her grandchildren and pressure from Petra his co-worker who was determined to destroy his relationship with Cleo and have him for herself.

Then like the volcano on Santorini, everything erupted, Petra’s deceit, Andreas leaving for London because he couldn't face emotions and Cleo was determined to return home because of it all, knowing that he could never care for her. So many emotions and deceptions.

His Mistress for a Millionaire had all of the components for a perfect emotional romance full of revenge, deceit, passion, misunderstanding and forgiveness. It was a compelling read, one I will personally long remember thanks to author Trish Morey.

Hero Hotness Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Heroine Lovability Factor♥♥♥♥
Awww Factor♥♥♥♥♥
Stickability Factor ♥♥♥♥
Weepy Factor♥♥
Reviewed by: Marilyn

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