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Author: Maureen Child
Line: Silhouette Desire
Release month: North America/UK:  January 2011
The S-Factor: Sizzling

Back Blurb:

He'd certainly never set eyes on—much less gone to bed with—Tula Barrons. That he would have remembered. Yet businessman Simon Bradley agreed to let Tula and her infant cousin—a child she claimed was his—stay in his mansion until he had proof of the little boy's paternity.

But having Tula under his roof revealed something unexpected—her father had once nearly destroyed Simon's business. The billionaire now had the perfect opportunity for revenge. He could seduce Tula and take away the baby she loved…but if he succeeded, he could lose all he'd come to care for.

Review: ♥♥♥♥♥

Maureen Child has written a heart warming love story with Have Baby, Need Billionaire. What this billionaire didn’t know was he had a son and that the lovely Tula Barrons and his son, in the end would steal Simon Bradley, the ruthless businessman’s heart!

In Maureen Child’s Christmas love story The Wrong Brother (Under the Millionaire’s Mistletoe) the reader met Anna Cameron and her best friend Tula Barrons. Tula writes children’s books, a “Lonely Bunny” series. The Cameron’s have been like family to Tula because even though her parents were divorced she relied on her friendship with Anna and the warmth she felt with the Cameron’s because it had been missing from her life. Her mother just as soon as she graduated from high school left town and basically her father years later disowned her because she wouldn't live her life his way. Now she was taking care of her cousins baby, actually had custody of Nathan because his mother had died in a car accident.

Tula had to get in touch with Simon Bradley, the man who was Nathan’s father, the same man that didn’t know he had a son. It was her intention to make sure Nathan and his father would adjust and then she would be on her way back home. Sound easy? Definitely not because the little boy had over the weeks she cared for him had stolen her heart. Of course, she wondered what kind of a man Simon Bradley was and when she went to tell him the news, she was immediately aware of him physically and that bothered her, even though she knew he was the same ruthless businessman, just like her father. One up tight buttoned up man who lived by schedules and was a workaholic. Not her type, no way even though when she shook his hand, the sparks flew and her fingers tingled.

Talk about being center punched in his gut! A son he didn’t know about and the mother was dead? Well he needed a plan and the plan was for Tula to leave her hometown with the baby and move into his mansion in San Francisco. But first the paternity test even though he knew in his heart the baby was his. Tula and baby literally took over his home, but that’s not all they took over because in the end he really enjoyed having them both there, they brightened up his home plus she intrigued him, she was beautiful, sexy, warm and she and Nathan brought sunshine into his home. His life had been orderly and he had brought his father’s failed business from ruin to a successful chain of department stores. However, no thanks to the man that almost ruined them and cost them their home, Jacob Hawthorne. The very same snake that was always purchasing property Simon wanted, the man he hated, and he wanted revenge. What Simon didn’t know was his arch enemy was actually Tula’s father.

Tula and Simon definitely had chemistry and I wondered how they would both survive their attraction for each other. I also wondered what sort of father Simon would become. The days up until he found out the paternity results Simon held himself back.  When the results turned out to be positive, everything changed not only for Simon but also for Tula. All of her life, Tula had wanted a family, to feel the warmth of love and now while living in his home, watching him with the baby, the sexual attraction between them, it was all too perfect and I knew in my heart that this would end badly especially for her because of her big heart. And what would happen when Simon found out who her father was because that surely would come out? He had absolutely no idea who Tula was because she didn’t use the Hawthorne last name. He had his best friend Mick who he employed investigate Tula’s background just to make sure she was everything she said and then the bomb was dropped when he found out who her dad was. On top of everything else, they had slept together and he still wanted her even though he wondered if she was working with her father to try to bring him down.  As Nathan’s guardian, she held all of the power.  However, Simon knew he could prove he would be a good father. 

Simon thought of Tula night and day but he still had a plan to bring down her father.  He would throw their relationship in his face and then send Tula packing. His friend told him it would backfire and it did, it cost them both so much and trust me, you’ll cry for all three of them. Tula was so kind hearted, so loving, an incredible mother who only wanted both Nathan and Simon……a family, the warm and wonderful family she never had as a child. And then the rug was pulled out from both of them. Shock for Simon when he confronted Jacob Hawthorne.  Nothing but sadness and heartbreak for Tula when Simon revealed his meeting with her father.

Sadness does not even describe what I felt for Simon Bradley, the man who lived my his own rules and a orderly life. Because as the last chapters unfolded I had hoped that he would see what was right before his eyes and it wouldn’t be to late. Heartbroken, Tula left but she couldn’t return home because she had promised to do a reading and booking signing for her latest “Lonely Bunny” book.   You absolutely won’t want to miss the last chapters of Have Baby, Need Billionaire because Maureen Child's gives this couple a most beautiful and happy ending and the wonderful family they both so deserve.

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Reviewed by: Marilyn

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