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Title: Italian Doctor, Forbidden Bride
Author: Margaret McDonagh
Line: Mills and Boon Medical Romance
Release Date: January 2011

The S-Factor: Sensuous


Who can resist St. Piran's deliciously sexy new Italian surgeon?

Talented neurosurgeon Gio Corezzi 's deliciously dark good looks turn the head of every female at St. Piran's hospital - except quiet beauty Jessica Carmichael's. And Gio cannot help but notice that Jess flinches away from anyone getting too close....

With nobody to turn to...and nowhere for Jess and her bundle of kittens to live while her dilapidated cottage is being patched up...she knows Gio's offer of a roof over her head is one she can't refuse. Now the devastatingly handsome Italian has got one week to claim the vulnerable Jess's heart...

St. Piran's Hospital...Where every drama has a dreamy doctor and a happy ending!


A tender, captivating and poignant book which will tug at your heartstrings and leave you breathless, the third title in the St. Piran's continuity: Italian Surgeon, Forbidden Bride is not to be missed! Touching, unputdownable and heart-wrenching, with Italian Surgeon, Forbidden Bride talented storyteller Margaret McDonagh is at her mesmerizing best!

Jess Carmichael's life had changed irrevocably when an error of judgment had compelled her to lose everything which she held dear to her. Alone, friendless and afraid, Jess had left her life in Scotland behind and come to the tiny Cornish town of St. Piran's to start afresh, the agony of the past ever present in her life. As a hospital counsellor, Jess loves her job and has even managed to make some friends, but she is adamant that she will not allow anyone to get too close to her...

Italian surgeon Gio Corezzi had also come to St. Piran's to start over. The past has left scars on Gio which can never heal and the talented Italian surgeon is hoping to rebuild his life in the picturesque Cornish town. The last thing Gio is expecting is to fall in love...yet when he claps eyes on Jess, he finds himself drawn to the beautiful Scottish counsellor with pain in her eyes. But everytime he tries and gets close to her, Jess pushes him away...

When Jess' cottage is flooded, Gio offers her and her adorable kittens his spare room. Although initally reluctant, Jess finds herself agreeing to Gio's proposition and briefly moves into his house. Thrown into close proximity together, passion soon ignites. But how can Jess possibly contemplate a future with Gio when the past continues to hold her captive?

An absolutely stunning contemporary romance that kept me glued to its pages, Italian Surgeon, Forbidden Bride is another first-rate Medical romance from an outstanding voice in romantic fiction. Margaret McDonagh is the mistress of emotional romantic fiction and her latest novel tackles tough issues with sensitivity, compassion and warmth. Uplifting, gripping and wholly gripping, this wonderfully written, highly compelling and absolutely unforgettable romance is another one for my keeper shelf!

Hero Hotness Factor: Five Hearts

Heroine Loveability Factor: Five Hearts

Awww Factor: Five Hearts

Stickability Factor: Five Hearts

Weepy Factor: Five Hearts

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