Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Title: Single Dad's Triple Trouble
Author: Fiona Lowe
Line: Mills and Boon Medical Romance
Release Date: February 2011
The S-Factor: Sweet


Three little miracles!

Single dad Dr. Gabe Lewis is a single triplets! But Gabe's adorable tots are triple the trouble - when it comes to simple things like babies' bathtime this brilliant doctor meets his match. He knows someone who could help - someone really special who has recently reentered his life.

But Gabe once broke Dr. Elly Ruddock's heart in two - might he perform another miracle by mending it again with the help of his mischevious trio


Fiona Lowe's latest Medical Romance, Single Dad's Triple Trouble, is a charming, heartwarming and spellbinding tale that is sure to satisfy readers everywhere!

Dr. Elly Ruddock and Dr. Gabe Lewis' relationship had been rock solid. They were good-looking, successful, extremely skilled and blissfully in love. Elly had thought that she and Gabe had a future together - a future involving a family. However, Gabe had shocked her to her very core when he had announced that he had no intention of having kids with her. Upset, flabbergasted and determined not to continue to live a lie, Elly had decided to stop seeing Gabe, and she had fled her old life and taken up a position working at a small Tasmanian practice in the town of Midden Cove.

Forgetting a man like Gabe is not easy, but Elly knows that she cannot continue to live in the past. She's doing her best to move on with her life, and luckily for her, she's got a great job, has made a few friends - and has even started dating....although Elly is dismayed that no man seems to match up to Gabe.

Gabe had never forgotten Elly - nor had he ever forgiven himself for letting her slip through his fingers. An error of judgment had compelled him to make a decision that had serious consequences...triplets! Having to juggle three demanding babies with a challenging career is no walk in the park, so he is looking forward to taking some time out and relaxing at his parent's house in Midden Cove.

The last person Gabe is expecting to bump into is Elly! Yet, when he claps eyes on her again, old feelings return and passions reawaken. But has too much water gone under the bridge for the two of them to have a future together?

Single Dad's Triple Trouble is a terrific read! Tender, believable, realistic and poignant, Fiona Lowe has written a romantic, heartwrenching and hugely enjoyable Medical Romance that will keep readers blissfully turning the pages.

As always, her characters are exceptional. Elly is a strong, modern and sensitive heroine and Gabe - and his adorable brood - are gorgeous.

A fabulous read that kept me reading late into the night, Single Dad's Triple Trouble is another unmissable romantic treat from Fiona Lowe!

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