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Title: Reprobate Lord, Runaway Lady

Author: Isabelle Goddard

Line: Mills and Boon Historical Romance

Release Date: January 2011

The S-Factor: Sweet

Back Blurb:

London, early morning.

One woman, one man, two escapes!

Amelie Silverdale is fleeing her betrothal to a vicious, degenerate man. Dressed as a maidservant, she climbs out of her bedroom window. Gareth Denville, wrongly accused of cheating at cards, is also contemplating escape. The scandal that once drove him from London is about to erupt again.

Coming across Amelie, Gareth recognises a kindred spirit wanting to break free and offers to help. While they are on the run together the attraction builds, but both are hiding secret identities...What will happen when their old lives catch up with them?


Written with flair, style and assurance, Reprobate Lord, Runaway Lady is the enthralling debut novel by a fabulous new voice in historical romance: Isabelle Goddard.

Amelie Silverdale will do anything to avoid marrying the repugnant Sir Rufus Glyde - who is not only twice her age, but who is also threatening to evict her family from their house! Realizing that she cannot possibly contemplate spending the rest of her life with such a despicable individual, Amelie decides to dress up as a servant maid and run off to her grandmother's house in Bath. It should be a simple enough plan - however, little does Amelie realize, that she is about to get entangled in a web of danger, peril...and desire!

Gareth Denville had once been accused of cheating at cards. Having been ostracized by his grandfather, made to feel unwelcome by members of the Ton and treated as a pariah in Town, Gareth had fled England for the continent. But, when his grandfather dies and he inherits all his worldy goods, Gareth is forced to return to London. But, on his arrival, he realizes that things haven't changed. The Ton still regards him with suspicion, so Gareth decides to tie up any loose ends and head back to the Continent. However, when a chance encounter brings Amelie into his life, England begins to look extremely appealing...

Gareth cannot help but be intrigued by Amelie. She might be dressed as a maidservant, but her poise and manner belie her humble appearance. What secret is Amelie hiding from Gareth? And what will her reaction be when she finds out about Gareth's past?

Does their love stand a chance of surviving? Or will a vicious enemy destroy this new found happiness and push them apart?

An enchanting, compelling and highly romantic read, Reprobate Lord, Runaway Lady is a captivating tale of dangerous secrets, forbidden passion and nail-biting drama that will hold readers in thrall! Isabelle Goddard has written an outstanding debut novel that sparkles with first rate characterization, vivid period detail, heart-pounding adventure and tender romance.

A stellar debut novel Regency romance fans will love, Reprobate Lord, Runaway Lady is an enjoyable tale by a writer who is set to be a huge reader favourite: Isabelle Goddard!

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Reprobate Lord, Runaway Lady sounds like a grand, good time for Regency Romance lovers.